I think I can narrow down my emotion to…


This picture brought it to a head this week.

I looked at this creation for a long time when it popped up on my FB feed. I was first attracted to the vivid colors…I’m a color person…then the design..I wanted to look through it because I was sure there was something I couldn’t see…and there is the little details of color within the color…I felt like something was being protected.

I’m red faced in realizing the person I used to be….several times at museums and art centers, I would arrogantly avoid the “modern” art areas with a pfft of my hand because I did not understand why anyone thought this was art…it did not fit into my preconceived beliefs about art and paintings…where did these beliefs come from?

I’m certainly not saying that I am without opinion.

Noun. A view or judgement formed about something, not necessarily based on fact or knowledge.

I am saying that in this prejudice about what I thought paintings were supposed to look like, I missed some real beauties..some experiences…how many things in my review of life can I check the mark beside ..missed it …because of my inability to see past my personal opinions and judgements?

it’s another layer of my personal onion!

Whoever created this painting I say well done. Bravo….You made me think.

Until next time…


I’ve heard Time and time again how music can lift us out of the doldrums….and it’s true, slap headphones on or ear buds in and my mood will change. I think I intuitively know what genre I need at the moment for my soul.

Color is my other thing. In my home, I’ve tried the soft, neutral palette and I’m just not satisfied. Earlier in the week when I placed the poured paint picture I did for the kitchen, I felt homey and comfortable in my aqua kitchen,

I “consciously” know that growing up in the 60s and 70s we had aqua appliances …….. refrigerator, stove top, oven and sink….when harvest gold and brown were in style. I think subconsciously, when we moved into this house, painting the kitchen aqua had a comfort effect on me.

…..and my newest craft hobby…paint pouring…fills my color need. So many beautiful colors coming together and causes my brain to pop with joy. This week’s favorite:

I think my trial and error period with small canvas is finished…bring on the 11 x 14!

Until next time….

You are going to S000000000 thank me for this!

If you know me, you know that I’m into color.  Color gives my happiness a jump start!  I really like bold colors – but not all bold colors – I’m not so into pastels and neutral – well, I think that is what I think I like.  When I watch a redo show on HGTV, I really like the subtle neutral shades with the bright, bold splashes that make it “pop”.  I’ve been known to change the color in my kitchen 4 times because the color just wasn’t right.  He is actually the one who changes the color because I’m a painting slob.  So this app could change his life!

IMG_3770 (1)

It’s an IPAD app – I assume it is also available for other tablets.

You take a picture of your room or the wall  you want to paint, duplicate the picture into the app and pick your color or in my case colors…basically once you get set up, you can just go through the pallet, select the color and go through every color of the rainbow plus a few others.  It entertained the painting fiend in my for quite some time last night!

I wasn’t able to find the perfect color….but I have a lot of time to play with it!

Oh…and if you share this amazing app with anyone else, be sure to say Nina sent me.

Until next time….

If I had only had time for a picture!

I have been working in the bathroom the last few days.  This work requires a lot of arm movement which has slowed me down because quite frankly, the muscles in my arms, back and shoulders are not what they used to be.  Today they are like limp noodles hanging too close to the fire in my back.  Gawwww!

After consulting with my interior designer friend, Kim, a couple weeks ago, I decided to beach-up the look of my guest bathroom.  I have a lighthouse/beachy theme going in there but it just didn’t HGTV pop!

So I started sanding doors and woodwork and added stripes.

Today I continue the job of priming and painting the doors!  GAWWWWW

I’m a very sloppy painter…just ask him…he is a very clean painter…just ask him.  But he was not prepared for it when I yelled from the bathroom last night.  PHIL…..I NEED YOU NOW!  I wish I had taken a picture of a quarter gallon of paint pooling on the ceramic tile floor but we were both so freaked out we went into salvage what you can mode!  I was most worried about the grout!  HOLY MOTHER…we used a roll of paper towels and once the bulk of the paint was cleaned up, we kept the rest of it from drying with copious amounts of water and a rag…..and sol u Mel …..an amazing Melaleuca product. I had seen full strength sol u Mel clean red fingernail polish from a white carpet.  It works…it really works!

So off now to finish the doors…I have to get it done….Gena and him in law are coming for the weekend…the 4 of us have shared a lot of small spaces together (think closet size bedroom in Pompei).  But everyone appreciates a bathroom door.

until next time…..

Just another sinful Sunday….


Listen carefully to what this person is going to say.  She is at IHOP in Lee’s Summit.  She is waiting for her ham and egg omelet stuffed with cheese and her add-on 4 cinnamon roll pancakes which she is going to smother with butter pecan syrup.  She is going to do this because she ate Panera Mac and cheese for lunch and a hunk of panera bread.  A couple hours later after a little shopping, she ate a small bag of potato chips she got at Panera.  She knows that once you think – it’s just a children’s size mac and cheese from Panera, you are starting down a bad road.  By the way, just for the record…the children’s size mac and cheese at Panera is exactly the same size of mac and cheese that comes with the pick 2 sandwich at Panera.

This is the second Sunday in a row that this person had traveled down this road.  Last week after a very healthy brunch served by her daughter, and a trip to Heritage Carousel in Des Moines…exhibit A.  The t shirt she is wearing.  She went into a convenience store to get water while he was getting gas in the car for the trip back to KC.  Water turned into a diet A & W rootbeer and a large bag of cheese popcorn fluff snacks.  Then at IA/MO border, she consumed two maid rites with everything.

Do not do this.  Your health is everything!

This past week, this woman also painted a table with black latex paint.  This is a table that had been painted at least 4 times before because she couldn’t get it right.  This time she didn’t sand quite well enough and apparently the latex paint would not adhere to the chalk paint and wax.  She went to Big Lots today and bought a pub table and chairs.  When she got home, she realized that the black paint was bubbling up…this was in fact joyful because she is one of these people who loves to strip skin off a healed sunburn and delights when it comes off in big strips….as did the black latex paint.  She was gleeful.

IMG_4042 (1)

Until next time…..

It’s apparently just the red neck thing to do….



It’s the way he painted the deck table and chairs, its the way I painted a cast iron vessel that became a flower pot and it’s the way I painted the little red wagon that I”m using for flowers…ya just – hang em’ in the tree and spray paint away.  Apparently he will not soon forget the spring we had a spray paint shadow in the yard of something I painted.  Putting down a sheet or newspapers to protect the grass from the color didn’t even enter my thought process.  I mean…the grass will grow what difference does it make.  Apparently it makes a difference.  I realize that I have a problem with attention to detail.  I ain’t got it!  I love to spray paint things and with an eye roll he just hikes them up the tree with a rope!

I’m holding a daily vigil waiting for the peonies to open up.



Spring comes so much earlier in Missouri than it did in Iowa and I’m loving it!

Until next time…..

One of THOSE moments…

I seem to have rather frequent Ah – Ha moments now.  I’m thinking, perhaps, as you clear out the crap in your mind,  the good stuff has more room to circulate.  It only makes sense.  Sometimes I actually wonder if I’m the only one that these things just come to…that everyone else is ::eye rolling:: and thinkin’ well, ya NINA….

We painted two walls in the living room yesterday.  It was a an awesome shade of green – I loved it – but the room is very dark..lots of windows on the east side but the light is extremely filtered by trees…it is a little better in the winter..but not much.  “He” and I complain about it frequently so it is now a flat – darker than off white but lighter than taupe color.  I would have gone a little darker, but he reminded me that we are going lighter.

Yesterday was a very fun day for me.  He hates to paint, but he was an absolute saint about it.  He only got “bitchy” while trimming the last few feet of wall.  He listened to my IPOD music, he laughed at my jokes, we had some good conversations…it was just us…well, and Franny.  Marley wanted to be outside and all 5 cats were in the basement because cats/paint/paws absolutely do not mix.  Getting to my point in a second….I fixed him supper because I wanted to fix him supper, not because we had to eat.  I told him how much I appreciated him helping me and doing it so pleasantly…I did some of this sitting on the couch drinking coffee while I waited for him to get ahead of me trimming.  What I realized….really realized for the first time…there are very few things I don’t like about “him”.  In fact, there are only just a couple…okay…maybe 3…but it hit me yesterday…The things I like about him far outnumber the things I find irritating about him…I had never thought of that before…seriously…when he’s good, he’s really good…but when he is bad…he really irritates me…but after all these years, the bad just isn’t that bad anymore…but the good keeps getting better.

Oh..and I can barely grip a pen today because my hands hurt so bad from holding the roller..and my hip on the right side is killing me along with my left knee from climbing up and down off the ladder..but that hasn’t dampened my spirit at all about painting.

I heard that Phil.