Feeling blessed and old

Today was our first day to keep 6 month old Jameson along with his 4 year old brother.  I realized today that I’ve aged 4 years since Jax was a baby…and Jameson happens to be a chunky little monkey…weighing a little more than half of what his big brother weighs now.  At the end of the day, I’m tired, have sore back muscles and realize how blessed we are!

HE, Jaxon and Jenny made a trip to Costco late this afternoon.  Jameson stayed with me.  I had the opportunity to hold him and watch him sleep and soak up the baby smiles meant just for me.  When the crew got back to our house with our groceries, the door was flung open with shouts of G R A N DMA….Jaxon running in with a bouquet of red, white and blue carnations…we got these for you!

Sometimes gratitude just brings tears to your eyes.

Until next time.

Him…..in the shop

So… I told him that I saw a picture of a garden cart that was for sale on a FB page.  It was an hour away and Wasn’t worth the hassle but this is what I wanted.

Now my dilemma.  He’s a perfectionist and it will be perfect…how am I going to put it outside on the deck to be damaged by the weather.  He’s not going to approve of me repotting plants on it sitting in the living room 😜.

The other project he completed and I just painted is a quilt rack and shelf for the quilt my daughter, Kate, made for me.

I painted it with milk paint that I purchased somewhere.  I really wish I could remember because I like it and the finish.  Very similar to chalk paint but much thinner application.  I just used the one color but read that it is a good paint to use if you want a farmhouse look.  Several layers will season over time.  I also did not use a wax on it…left it a chalky like matte finish.  Christina…if you read this….maybe something you might want to try?

Until next time…..

Why did I ever complain about chiggers

Until the last couple of years, I hated mosquitos the most…I rooted for bats because I knew they were eating the enemy.  2nd in line was chiggers…even though many internet experts and my daughter have told me that finger nail polish doesn’t work to stop the itch, I say pashaw!  The theory behind applying fingernail polish may be flawed, it does stop the itch.  But now I live in the KC area where infestation of oak mites is the worst it has been in 10 years.  I’d never even HEARD of oak mites!!  I’m one of those people who has obviously been bitten and chewed on by the above mentioned pests.  I sport huge red swollen spots and the itch is incredible!

He and I walked trails today at the Burr Oak conservation area…….Oak Mites!

As a side note….I learned of health problems of 3 very good friends today.  I won’t out two of them on social media because they haven’t.  But the one I will mention is Rod.  If you follow me on FB, you probably know who Rod is…..and if you know who Rod is, it might be news how dear our friendship is judging from our banter.  If you have a moment, please throw up some good vibes to the universe for him.  He’s in the hospital where he is being poked and prodded to find out what is wrong with him.  I know he’s nervous about it.

Rod and I about 16 years ago

Until next time….

Had a politics free weekend

After reading my blog of a couple days ago, my daughter checked in on my emotional health and quite firmly told me to shut off the damn TV and stay off the internet…I’m quite confident she thought I was spiraling to a psychotic break.  She was right.  So, over the weekend I took a TV News as well as political Twitter and Facebook break.  She was right.  He and I even avoided our Sunday morning ritual coffee with Chuck Todd and Meet the Press.  I’m reasonably clear headed this Monday morning.

I tend to have an obsessive, addictive personality.  Like a dog with a meaty roast bone.  I’m not going to analyze this one but I’m confident that when we only take in negative information all day long, a hateful message, negative, negative, negative we get sick.

I also see through to the other side of the forest and realize by digesting all this political BS, I feel like a victim…that I don’t have control of my own life and what is scarier than a head on collision knowing you can’t save yourself!

So, Dear Diary, that is where I am today.  Focusing on what I can control and avoiding taking in the negative that I cannot control.

Until next time…


I used to eat, sleep and drink my job as a dispatcher.  I lived with  a total commitment to the job.  Towards the end of my run, I also became very involved in the emergency management end of it and lucky for me, the EM director thought I had a lot of potential and taught me everything I could manage to soak in.  In my memory he is still one of my favorite people…ever.  The theory is very complicated but the take away is teaching and learning and working with police, fire and EMS agencies to handle critical incidents and my job was to learn their protocols so I could take it back to the 911 dispatchers.  Dispatchers understanding the reason for procedures in the field just enhances their ability to be the connection to all of these agencies out in the field. 

Another of my very favorite EMS people was Wendy…she was a mover and shaker with one of the small town fire/EMS departments.  We didn’t immediately hit it off.  It was a learning curve.  She was also very dedicated and also as a hospital RN, I always felt she ran herself pretty thin.  Over time, we developed a good working relationship and I learned to respect her perspective of her job and vise Versa.

I’ve just learned with the rest of Facebook world that she is sick…the chemo kind of sick.  We were never let’s-have-coffee friends and we don’t keep in touch…but this one hit me hard.  These are the kind of people that work behind the scenes to make our life better when we need them.  I believe most people don’t really give a second thought to these people…dispatchers, police, fire, ambulance and all of the other nameless, faceless people in our lives that are there when we need them.

I needed some perspective today on what the important things and who the important people are.  AS far as Wendy…she’s a fighter….and I have her back with all the positive energy I can send!

I don’t like it when I think

  • I have a hard time figuring life out when good people and kids die young
  • The only way we are going to survive is if Trump and McConnell, et al become incapacitate or die
  • Everyone has their own opinions but why is my living and breathing dependent on evil people
  • Judge people and their actions based on the life they live
  • Loss of compassion and kindness for people I don’t like (see judge people…..)
  • Lack of tolerance

I realize the negative thoughts and hatefulness are in direct opposition to my desire to live a loving and peaceful life.  I know that these thoughts are my thoughts and are affecting my soul.  I know that genuine inner peace cannot survive with my thoughts that are full of hate.  I know that I can stop reading, watching and listening to the evil surrounding me but it seems in doing so, I might as well eat sugar and drive down the road with my eyes closed.  What I don’t know can kill me.

Until next time…..

Doobie Brothers, Chicago and geriatrics

My 3rd Chicago concert in 4 years at the Starlight Theater in Kansas City.  Walking out of the theater last night, Sue said this venue kind of spoils you for other venues.  Back to Chicago….while they didn’t disappoint, the Doobie Brothers had me wanting to throw my granny panties on stage.  He and I saw Doobies at the Sprint Center and it was just too loud and I didn’t take my earplugs…but in an open air venue….they were amazing.

And the geriatrics….I danced non stop until my hair was dripping in the back and today there is not an inch of my body that doesn’t ache.  A beautiful ache…

I feel young again!

Until next time….

Bennett June 2017 The Stream

When we got back to Bennett Spring tonight, we took a walk along the stream closest to the actual spring.  As frequently happens at dusk after warm, humid days the fog hangs over the stream.  We’ve experienced the fog so thick that anglers were totally enveloped…

He picked up a trout tag for tomorrow so there will be fishing!  Rex and Diane Hall will be here from Iowa.  It will be a perfect day with or without trout.

Counting my blessings!

Until next time….

Bennett June 2017 Side trip to Rolla 

I’ve been sort of working on geneology for his side of the family.  One of his aunts apparently has compiled a lot of research but I haven’t seen it yet so I’m doing it also and hopefully will be able to compare information.  The particular difficulty I have is a result of my mother being a Brown who married a Green and I in turn married a Brown but we aren’t 1st cousins and what I’m finding out not cousins as far back as 5 or 6 generations.  I’m so intrigued with the movement of our ancestors and I continue asking why…will never have an answer to those questions but I continue to ask.  On his Brown side, great grandparents hailed around Coles, Illinois then sometime in the late 1800s made their way to  Cold Springs  MO near Rolla, MO….where his young adult grandfather made the hike to Newton, IA.  Being about an hour from Rolla, we took off this afternoon to visit the spirit of the ancestors.  Cold Springs is only a memory township these days and in the month of June, the Rolla historical society closes at 2:45…we were an hour late!

We did visit the first courthouse of Phelps County in Rolla…sitting in an old courtroom, I mentioned that it is possible some of his family could have gotten in trouble and been in this courthouse … he immediately countered with or they might have been a judge.  Perspective.

Until next time….

Bennett June 2017 Listening to a military veteran

Last evening’s jaunt overto the fishing hole was a little warm..I think my watch said 87. I’ve been running around in tank tops  which is something I would would never wear in public at home…the tree canopies cooled it down and then as always, the closer we got to the stream the cooler it was.  I picked out my bench and settled in to watch him fish.  I didn’t really even care if he hooked anything just the occasional relaxing cool breeze, the beauty of nature and watching the poetry of my husbands fly fishing technique.  The trout that jumped full body in an arc out of the water beside him will always stick in my memory.

The trout and the Veteran.  Grizzled old guy ,,,, probably my age,,,sitting on a lawn chair packing up his fishing supplies was approached by a woman walking a dog.  By his license plate she must have realized he was a veteran?  She stopped asked if she could shake his hand and thanked him for his service.  I assumed he was a lonely old angler because he started talking about his three deployments the last of which was Desert Storm.  He had been injured several times and had been treated back home for those injuries along with a couple rounds of cancer.  He was delighted that he could actually fly fish this trip to Bennett because even last year he could not get his arm up high enough to cast.  He was joyful.  IT brought tears to my eyes.  So many lessons here!  so much gratitude!  

Until next time…