Had a politics free weekend

After reading my blog of a couple days ago, my daughter checked in on my emotional health and quite firmly told me to shut off the damn TV and stay off the internet…I’m quite confident she thought I was spiraling to a psychotic break.  She was right.  So, over the weekend I took a TV News as well as political Twitter and Facebook break.  She was right.  He and I even avoided our Sunday morning ritual coffee with Chuck Todd and Meet the Press.  I’m reasonably clear headed this Monday morning.

I tend to have an obsessive, addictive personality.  Like a dog with a meaty roast bone.  I’m not going to analyze this one but I’m confident that when we only take in negative information all day long, a hateful message, negative, negative, negative we get sick.

I also see through to the other side of the forest and realize by digesting all this political BS, I feel like a victim…that I don’t have control of my own life and what is scarier than a head on collision knowing you can’t save yourself!

So, Dear Diary, that is where I am today.  Focusing on what I can control and avoiding taking in the negative that I cannot control.

Until next time…

4 thoughts on “Had a politics free weekend

  1. I go and meditate when the national news comes on because I would like to remain sane. I can’t help the world when I am angry and/or annoyed and right now, I feel like if a person is not angry, then they do not fully understand what is happening. But I don’t need to drown in this crap.

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    • Yes! Exactly! I was drowning and my anxiety was off the charts. I watch two news shows now. I’m limiting myself. Now if I could remove myself from twitter, I would probably healthy!


  2. I find myself becoming so 😡 over things lately. I am definitely trying o balance it all out,
    How’s your eating doing lately? Staying on th good foods and off the sugars?.

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