Sorry @strawberryfieldsgirl but I’m going to talk about Sweet Honesty and what it did for me.  As I mentioned yesterday, I did an impulsive thing…imagine Nina and impulsive in the same sentence…but I purchased a bottle of Sweet Honesty from an Avon rep….and the Sweet Honesty caused a very pleasant olfactory experience as I shot back to my teen years…and that wasn’t the only good thing…I had great dreams last night.  This is the first night in recent history that I absolutely remember no angst in any of my dreams.  I’m betting it was the Sweet Honesty..I put a shot of it on my neck last night before I went to bed.  One thing probably actually had nothing to do with the other but I”m going with it.  As far as @strawberryfieldsgirl she has no positive memories of Sweet HOnesty and actually felt gaggy just reading the title of yesterday’s blog.  On a similar note, my friend, Gena couldn’t wear Sweet Honesty and reminded me of it after reading the blog…I laughed out loud at the memory..of course, she frequently makes me laugh out loud.

Lots of stuff churning in my mind today… going to let it churn a bit and prioritize itself while I just sit back and wait for an aha moment.

Until next time…

Barry Manilow…. and Sweet Honesty

He’s coming to Wells Fargo Arena..Just heard the ad on the radio…I would kinda like to go…relive my teenhood…along with my Avon “Sweet Honesty”.  I was casually browsing thru an Avon catalog the other day (I’m not a regular Avon user) and was looking for my beloved Imari (which I have been using off and on for 40 years) and turned to a page with Sweet Honesty…I had to do it…I bought a bottle…it came today..I sprayed a little on the top side of my arm as to not mix it with Tabu by dana on the underside of my arm.  Yes…Tabu from the 70’s…anyway;, back to Sweet Honesty….I went right back many years in my mind… @skanickadee mentioned the other day that the all house fan brings back smells of wet soil from the crawl space and how it took her back to the day she and her husband first looked at the house that they live in…It’s wonderful how smells take us back to memories with the speed of light.  I have always hesitated to smell Windsong perfume because when I have that first moment and go back to one of the best years of my life, I don’t want it confused with anything I might associate it with now.

I think I’m fortunate that my parents saved everything…I don’t say this everyday.  The blanket I use on the davenport is the same one that my mom bought for my bed when I first got twin beds when I was 3 or 4.  I recently loaded up a lot of left-over material from the 60’s and 70’s….remnants of material that mom made into clothes for her and me. Toys, dolls, games…I’m getting rid of this stuff…I feel lucky that I have seen it one more time…I don’t need to keep it…but that little part of me is happy that they did.  I just got rid of my old car seat…mine…it was a little seat that hooked over the front seat and had a horse head and reins.  It had to be over 50 years old…of course, I still have my first car – 1961 Ford Falcon which I plan to sell sometime this year…

Wow…memories…but letting go is good…I had the thought when I started typing this blog today that perhaps I should analyze and try to figure out why they felt it necessary to keep everything…and now I know it isn’t necessary to analyze it…it is what it is.

Until next time…..

I’m old!!!

I worked in the yard Saturday evening, and most of the day yesterday – probably close to 8 hours…I could hardly move last night – getting off the couch was labor intensive…holy moly.  Felt better this morning…I went out at 7:30 when He went to work, stoke up the fires, did some raking then drank a cup of coffee around the fire.  It doesn’t get much better than that…

Thanks daddy for making me a pyro!!!

Have lots of plans today…all of them around the house…a little too windy this morning to do much burning…I know…when has that ever stopped me 🙂

I’ll be back later….

Boat in….Boats out…anyone?

  @turningreen is new to me…as I’m reading blogs and comments, every now and then I read a comment someone has made which sends me over to their page…this girl got my attention immediately and I read several of her posts.  She is hilarious and has a way with the word…if none other, you must read the post about buying her able bodied daughter crutches…just because.

Well – here’s the first pics of the new sailboat

Apparently there are very few things the same as the smaller sailboat as far as getting things ready to launch 🙂  This one is going to take some time to clean….Dave wants to paint the gold stripe…the cabin needs some cleanin’, it has a sink and a potty..which makes mama very happy.  Now…we need to get the pontoon and the smaller sailboat sold.

We had a tree trimmer out Friday and Saturday to work on the two properties.  I swear it looked like a huge storm had gone thru when I got home from work yesterday..I took these this morning after a lot of front yard cleanup.

We had a stump close to the house where I burned a lot of brush yesterday…trying to burn it out because he’s going to put a deck across this side of the house once the siders are thru. 

About 7:30 last night, starvation set it so we hit the Taco John’s drive thru and took it to a park close by to eat.  We couldn’t make it on the 7 minutes home .  Once we did get home, we could barely move because our muscles hurt so bad so we pulled a couple of chairs up and watched the stump fire burn down

Roomba is working on the kitchen and dining room, Frannie and I took a short walk…My xanga post is almost done…I’m on my way outside now to pickup tree limbs.

Until next time.


I love her posts…great one today on perceptions and the filters which make us who we are/or what we think, anyway.

Lesson 1 of level 1 Rosetta Stone spanish times 2 last night.  I may move to Lesson 2 tonight.

The boys are going back to Rathbun today to re-look-at/probably buy a sailboat.  I’m very excited…large pontoon and small sailboat For Sale shortly.

Tree trimmer was out yesterday – goodness, when I got home, our yard looked like a tornado zone.  Got some trees trimmed around the back of the house which I’m hoping will allow more light in..I moved from a very bright house to a very dark house…”He” also ripped the lower level of siding off the house in order to get the starter strip on the house for the new deck before the siding folks come in a couple of weeks.

It’s a Saturday in the hell hole.  The sun will be shining, so I’m sure it won’t be a relaxing day in dispatch….

Until next time….

Friday for you maybe…..grrrrr

He and I were sitting at Pizza Ranch Wednesday night after weigh-in at Weight Watchers…there…I said it…it’s a habit.  Anyway…we sat in the same section as a well-known local older couple…well, at least I think it was him..they had aged quite a bit since I had seen them the last time…this OMG thought went thru my head…the generation just ahead of me or 1/2 a generation ahead of me is aging…we are 56 and 59 (one of us is almost 60) and we are getting to the leadership age.  The perception of leadership, anyway…because the youngsters are always smarter and know more…

I do not feel this old…it doesn’t help being married to an old man nearly 4 years my senior…I guess I always think about the top age and round up to it…I’m actually just a spry 56 year old – or does just the fact I used the word spry pretty much say it all   Daughters…pay attention to this paragraph…this will be you some day.

I got thru with Lesson 1 of the 1st chapter of Rosetta Stone spanish last night – I actually did Lesson 1 twice because I feel like a total dullard…I”m guessing he is many lessons ahead of me because he got the headset first and I ordered mine for the convenience of not having to share since I hate to share anything.  It seems like a simple concept but I had a little trouble with Lesson 1. 

Happy to go to work today – I have a great job and make decent money…my job would be a lot better if there were no 911 calls, crime or nasty people….but it’s a two headed coin..that is why I have a job and so will many after me!

Until next time….

Today is my Monday

I don’t understand foul moods…what’s to understand, you ask…you wake up from a full night of sleep, and as your eyes open up to the new day, you hate everything!!!  You find that things that normally would have no reaction from you – irritate you.  You find that things that would normally irritate you – really irritate you and you find that things that normally anger you – sends you into a semi-controllable rage and the things that normally send you into a rage – well, it hasn’t happened yet this morning but things could be bleak for someone today.

What I recently learned in therapy is that you can’t control your feelings…they are your feelings and you can’t control them any more than you can control the weather – you can control how you react to those feelings.  That probably really means do you stuff the feelings, do you tell someone what you think or do you kill them.  That is where our conscience comes into play.  That’s my theory, anyway.

Until I”m in a better mood…..

My friends on television

Dr Webber aka Richard impressed me last night with his integrity…this coming on the heels of his long standing affair with Dr Grey.  I’m finding Christina’s story line with her Dr to be pretty deep…they have really brought forward a depth to Christina that I wasn’t expecting.  I’m loving the gay love story lines…

I teared up numerous times last night during the times of pain with the Private Practice…if you haven’t watched it, I’ll not say anything.  This is a very well written show – and well acted…I was afraid in the beginning it was going to be your typical T and A show with a clinic full of doctors…but wow…

What happened to the psychotic Alexis…is she playing for the cameras or is she really this crazy.  Tamara is just a total bitch but the show wouldn’t be the same without her back stabbing and rough edges.

I’m so sick of Cain and Lilly – I ff through it…this whole Daisy BS with the baby is another thing that just irritates me…I’m so sick of this story line….and surprisingly I have no sympathy for Phyllis…she did the same thing to Victoria..what goes around comes around.

and Goodness…I was hoping that if Hope got laid..she would shut up…I was so wrong..of course she wouldn’t like sex or think Liam was good or whatever her problem is…yup ff thru it.  Of course, I could have told her Liam was a dud.

Until next time….

Police Reserves

I had to search for these pictures way back in a post a LONG time ago… I had fun going thru the pictures…some of them had me trying to remember why I posted them…others brought back memories… like the Hugh Jackman photo..I totally remember why I posted that one…but Sarah Jessica Parker…


These pictures are from around 2002…I was a police reserve for Prairie City Police Department which is a smaller town in the sw part of our county.

This is Rod Eilander – Rod is a jailer with the county and one of my best friends…those of you over on Facebook will recognize Rod as my forked tongue friend …but actually we really like each other.

GHOG…yes..they carry guns and handcuffs, etc…they can arrest..I think the only thing they can’t do is the implied consent for a drunk driving arrest..that has to be a certified police officer.  Reserve in Iowa now have to take training and certify with the Iowa Law Enforcement Academy but they have the same police powers as a “real” cop.  Reserves are utilized for traffic enforcement and security at school functions as well as the “second” officer in squad cars although a certified reserve can and do patrol. 

So there you go….now back to figure out why I have Sarah Jessica Parker’s picture in my xanga pictures…I vaguely remember it might have been something about weight???

Until next time….