Friday for you maybe…..grrrrr

He and I were sitting at Pizza Ranch Wednesday night after weigh-in at Weight Watchers…there…I said it…it’s a habit.  Anyway…we sat in the same section as a well-known local older couple…well, at least I think it was him..they had aged quite a bit since I had seen them the last time…this OMG thought went thru my head…the generation just ahead of me or 1/2 a generation ahead of me is aging…we are 56 and 59 (one of us is almost 60) and we are getting to the leadership age.  The perception of leadership, anyway…because the youngsters are always smarter and know more…

I do not feel this old…it doesn’t help being married to an old man nearly 4 years my senior…I guess I always think about the top age and round up to it…I’m actually just a spry 56 year old – or does just the fact I used the word spry pretty much say it all   Daughters…pay attention to this paragraph…this will be you some day.

I got thru with Lesson 1 of the 1st chapter of Rosetta Stone spanish last night – I actually did Lesson 1 twice because I feel like a total dullard…I”m guessing he is many lessons ahead of me because he got the headset first and I ordered mine for the convenience of not having to share since I hate to share anything.  It seems like a simple concept but I had a little trouble with Lesson 1. 

Happy to go to work today – I have a great job and make decent money…my job would be a lot better if there were no 911 calls, crime or nasty people….but it’s a two headed coin..that is why I have a job and so will many after me!

Until next time….

8 thoughts on “Friday for you maybe…..grrrrr

  1. @vexations – hahahaha…obviously you have this whole thing figured out!!!!!


  2. My wife is 14 years my junior, but don’t tell anyone, nor let her know that she can hardly keep up with me.  The only time I feel old is when I first get out of bed in the morning and when I look in the mirror.  So now I roll out of bed instead of get upright and I’ve stopped looking in the mirror


  3. Hahah, I don’t think it matters how old you are, feeling old is it’s own gift. I am with Tracy, I always round up ten years. Good luck with your spanish!


  4. The year I turned 33 I totally forgot about it.  I told people I was 32 for two years and then viola! 34!  .  then I kept track pretty well until 43.  Same thing, 10 years later.  Suddenly I was 44 and I didn’t get to be 43!   This year I’ve been telling everyone I’m 47, only I’m not 47 til September.  Why can’t I keep track of this?!  It seems like simple math!    I applaud you learning a language!   I have thought about it too, but really – I’m not sure what language I need to know besides English because I’m not going anywhere.  I’ve thought I’d like to know Italian though, just for the fun of it, and it’s part of my heritage and where I live is full of Italian and Portuguese… maybe.   At some point.  My brain feels like it’s stuffed with cotton…..Flash cards are a great idea!


  5. I’ve talked about this age thing with my mil, who is 32 years older than me. People just don’t seem to feel old. Yes your body my tell you your old but it really seems people don’t feel their age in their head. As I have gotten older I really have no idea how old I am. For one whole year in my earlier 40s, I was telling people that I was a year older than I was. I do know that I am 49 right now and in December I will be 50. I just try not to dwell on it because it depresses me. And I am the older one, Craig is 47, the baby. It takes awhile to kick in the language stuff but keep at it. It will click. And I would say move on. Tracy had a great idea – makes flash cards of every word. It will help.


  6. I did lesson one like seven times. So far.I always round my age up to the nearest ten in my head. So I think, Oh, I am almost fifty right now. But when I start getting close to fifty I round up to the next ten, so suddenly I’m almost sixty, and you know what comes after sixty, right?  OMG! I’m almost 70 years OLD! Always, this is the way my mind works. I can not believe you guys go out for pizza after weigh in! That’s hysterical. Do you stop for Ice Cream on the way home from pizza? Wait…where is that pizza place? I don’t remember seeing it.


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