Today is my Monday

I don’t understand foul moods…what’s to understand, you ask…you wake up from a full night of sleep, and as your eyes open up to the new day, you hate everything!!!  You find that things that normally would have no reaction from you – irritate you.  You find that things that would normally irritate you – really irritate you and you find that things that normally anger you – sends you into a semi-controllable rage and the things that normally send you into a rage – well, it hasn’t happened yet this morning but things could be bleak for someone today.

What I recently learned in therapy is that you can’t control your feelings…they are your feelings and you can’t control them any more than you can control the weather – you can control how you react to those feelings.  That probably really means do you stuff the feelings, do you tell someone what you think or do you kill them.  That is where our conscience comes into play.  That’s my theory, anyway.

Until I”m in a better mood…..

4 thoughts on “Today is my Monday

  1. Oh Nina! I am a firm believer that weird stuff happens in the brain. Some days I almost feel a switch going off in my head. I sure hope you feel better. Go out and get some sun, if you can.@tracy – You made me laugh, too!


  2. @tracy – hahahahaha…I’ve wondered about the depression/anxiety thing too…your post made me laugh..thanks, I need it!!!!


  3. This morning I was having a conversation with someone about depression and anxiety. Why does it affect certain people, and other people just breeze over the same problems and move on? It’s funny how the brain works. There has got to be a chemical reaction that causes some bad moods, as it does with some anxieties and depressions.So really whatever happens today, is not your fault. Since I am safely eight hours away by car, have at it!


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