I’m old!!!

I worked in the yard Saturday evening, and most of the day yesterday – probably close to 8 hours…I could hardly move last night – getting off the couch was labor intensive…holy moly.  Felt better this morning…I went out at 7:30 when He went to work, stoke up the fires, did some raking then drank a cup of coffee around the fire.  It doesn’t get much better than that…

Thanks daddy for making me a pyro!!!

Have lots of plans today…all of them around the house…a little too windy this morning to do much burning…I know…when has that ever stopped me 🙂

I’ll be back later….

4 thoughts on “I’m old!!!

  1. @Ghog – I think it is needed…something is obviously going on with her…could it be a really close breeding situation?  She’s always been a little wierd hasn’t she?  I would say yes to prozac but it will probably make her lethargic…but better lethargic than literally eating the house!!!


  2. Yes you are old. This is why you should be nice to your daughters. They will choose your nursing home. There’s probably some nice little cracker box in Newton run by Nurse Wratchet and she already has a bed with your name on it. If you’re not nice, they will put you in there.On a completely different topic, as a dog person, what do you think about prozac for dogs. Dad has a hyper active, ADD wheaton terrier that eats and chews everything…carpet, table legs, sticks. grass, flowers, bushes, you name it; he will eat it. He needs to be calmed down. What do you think?  


  3. I wonder how you are feeling tonight??? I know it makes a person sore but you have to think that all that moving is good for your body.I hope you had a good and productive day and were able to get done all you wanted to get accomplished.


  4. Old smold!  Thats allot work! Even for a young un!


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