Sorry @strawberryfieldsgirl but I’m going to talk about Sweet Honesty and what it did for me.  As I mentioned yesterday, I did an impulsive thing…imagine Nina and impulsive in the same sentence…but I purchased a bottle of Sweet Honesty from an Avon rep….and the Sweet Honesty caused a very pleasant olfactory experience as I shot back to my teen years…and that wasn’t the only good thing…I had great dreams last night.  This is the first night in recent history that I absolutely remember no angst in any of my dreams.  I’m betting it was the Sweet Honesty..I put a shot of it on my neck last night before I went to bed.  One thing probably actually had nothing to do with the other but I”m going with it.  As far as @strawberryfieldsgirl she has no positive memories of Sweet HOnesty and actually felt gaggy just reading the title of yesterday’s blog.  On a similar note, my friend, Gena couldn’t wear Sweet Honesty and reminded me of it after reading the blog…I laughed out loud at the memory..of course, she frequently makes me laugh out loud.

Lots of stuff churning in my mind today… going to let it churn a bit and prioritize itself while I just sit back and wait for an aha moment.

Until next time…

3 thoughts on “Finally…..

  1. It’s ok, i’m over it LOLand if it brought you sweet dreams, I am very happy for you! And I do believe that it totally could’ve…when you’ve having sweet rememberences why not!


  2. How wonderful that you had a great night because of your homestyle aroma therapy!!!When my grandma passed away my brother and his wife took the humidifier from her house. When they used it, it smelled like her Italian cooking and they said it was such a great scent memory.I hope you are having a great weekend!


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