My friends on television

Dr Webber aka Richard impressed me last night with his integrity…this coming on the heels of his long standing affair with Dr Grey.  I’m finding Christina’s story line with her Dr to be pretty deep…they have really brought forward a depth to Christina that I wasn’t expecting.  I’m loving the gay love story lines…

I teared up numerous times last night during the times of pain with the Private Practice…if you haven’t watched it, I’ll not say anything.  This is a very well written show – and well acted…I was afraid in the beginning it was going to be your typical T and A show with a clinic full of doctors…but wow…

What happened to the psychotic Alexis…is she playing for the cameras or is she really this crazy.  Tamara is just a total bitch but the show wouldn’t be the same without her back stabbing and rough edges.

I’m so sick of Cain and Lilly – I ff through it…this whole Daisy BS with the baby is another thing that just irritates me…I’m so sick of this story line….and surprisingly I have no sympathy for Phyllis…she did the same thing to Victoria..what goes around comes around.

and Goodness…I was hoping that if Hope got laid..she would shut up…I was so wrong..of course she wouldn’t like sex or think Liam was good or whatever her problem is…yup ff thru it.  Of course, I could have told her Liam was a dud.

Until next time….

4 thoughts on “My friends on television

  1. Oh brother…another ‘well written’, unrealistic soap opera. I’d rather watch the entire Mr Ed DVD set. At least it would be funny. A talking horse is probably a more likely plot scheme too. Puh leeeez.


  2. @tracy – I think I have tried it a couple times but was never hooked. I think it also on too early for me. We generally don’t sit down and watch until 7:30 or 8. At 7 we still seem to be doing other things.


  3. @skanickadee – Do you watch community? I did not like it last season, nor do I like it this season.


  4. Ha ha – I mostly don’t have a clue to what you are talking about. I haven’t watched those in a long time. It is fun to have shows that you enjoy. I was looking forward to an episode of Parks and Rec on last night but it wasn’t on. Not sure why. I think I am steering away from dramas and looking for more comedy instead.I have been watching Bernie Mac on Netflix. Bernie was a hometown boy. 20 minutes of silliness and no commercials, that is about right for me.Have a great day Nina!


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