Just thinkin’

In an effort to not mislead anyone – I am an American…If I were forced to identify myself as a republican or democrat, I lean left…but, quite frankly, I think both sides are full of shit!  There…I said it…I used the S-word…because strong language was needed…and apparently that word is a full bodied word that makes grandmothers cringe and 3 year olds a mouth washing with soap during the young years of my generation.

I’m a card carrying liberal as far left as I can get supporting human rights.  I believe a woman has a right to abort a child…I may not like it and I may have a queezy feeling thinking about it, but it is the woman’s right and no one…absolutely NO ONE has a right to tell her what she can do with her body.

I support an individuals right to fall in love and marry whoever they want to marry.  It should be no ones business except the two people involved whether they marry or not marry…all of this shit about scarring the sanctity of marriage is ridiculous.  Heterosexuals have done a fine job in that department.  Those screaming the loudest about gay marriage always brings me back to the question…what is really going on here…are they really just freaked out about their own sexuality…Those who blow the most smoke have the most to hide?

I slip a little to the right with the right to bear arms.  Yes…I have the right. 

I am pretty moderate with social programs.  Yes..we should be helping assist our low income, homeless, out of work folks and their children…but I should not be supporting them for the rest of their natural life and the natural life of their 5 generations of offspring.  I know this is a touchy one and I don’t need hate mail or anyone sermon about the homeless in our society and how we owe them…

The only people we owe are our military…Period.  If you serve my country…We owe you…BIG!!!

Now..as far as the economy.  I’m having some difficulty supporting President Obama…yet I think Romney is a rich airbag…I don’t know…I feel very frustrated…are things better after 4 years with Obama?  I don’t know…I miss Bill and want him back…dress stain or not.

I’m slightly confused for this election…I have it in black and white now.

Until next time.

This was my perch yesterday… You can’t tell but it is about 6 feet off the ground…
I sat here off and on yesterday watching him work on the deck…

Before he quit for the day, he lifted a good portion of the decking onto the frame.  He walks on those boards like they are flat ground…the darker ones are the old ones and he put the lighter ones between them for more stability…watching him makes me a nervous wreck.

The cats take turns keeping an eye on him also.  It’s not a job for the weak hearted!

Following deck construction, we went to dinner in Des Moines, had pedi’s…he just wanted someone to massage his feet, and went to see Hope Soars.  It’s a good movie…the audience was middle aged…I love Meryl Streep… You don’t want to take your children – 10 years old or 30 years old if sex talks makes you squeemish.

He’s out working on the deck again.. The critters and I are holding our vigil..every now and then one of them meows and he cusses.  Life is good.

Until next time…


Really interesting…

My xanga post yesterday brought out comments that actually made me feel better and not just totally hell bound; although, I haven’t heard from G’hog yet.  I’m sure he will have a different opinion.  I felt that most everyone got it…got my opinion, anyway..may not have agreed totally but were able to bring their perspective to my confusion … The opinions were different yet the same.  This is what I got out of it.

  • Belief in Diety!
  • Prayer works whether in the standard prayer to GOD or prayer as a meditation to the diety within.
  • GOD and dEVIL = Good and Evil (thanks John..that one really stuck with me)

I’ve been evolving to the way of thinking that there is an energy.  I also HAD wondered where that energy goes when our brain stops..that energy aka soul within us until my brother-in-law asked if that energy may go to those who mourn and cry?  Not sure..interesting thought.

I also have a very strong belief that our conscience is the source of our own good and evil and this should be our barometer. I believe  prayer is actually the meditation of our soul.

As far as organized religion – nope….  thanks to the ultra conservative religious, the tea party and the hate mongers all saying they speak for God…I will find my spirituality within my soul and communicate thru my soul…and if I find out the man with the long robe is out there, I’m sure he will find love and peace resting gently within me.

Until next time….

As I continue to struggle with:

I woke up this morning with the very strong reality check that perhaps self-esteem is voided by “christians” because as we trust God for everything, meanwhile thank God for everything, it negates the principal of success = building self-esteem because christians DON’T accomplish it – God does.  CHA-CHING – reality check.

This kind of goes along with my question – with christians praising God for everything, I seem to be missing out on what christians think about prayer that they perceive isn’t answered…or is it that every prayer that isn’t answered the way the “prayer” wants/expects is God saying NO?  I’m having a hard time with the how God healed someone…and didn’t heal someone else and they died..yet a lot of these folks believe God has a plan; they have learned that God knows how many hairs are on their head; yet believe that we have free will to make our own decisions; yet they have learned that God has a plan…so if this is true, why don’t we believe that us earthlings are just perceived as robots of the almighty because God knows what is going to happen before it happens and…….yet when we ask God to help us make the decision – we have a 50/50 chance of making the God like decision and if it is the 50 percent negative – where was God in helping to make the decision according to his plan?  Once again I say – Praise God for the rain but if you truly believe God has a plan…why aren’t we praising God for the drought…it certainly has nothing to do with our own thinking and free will…or does it…perhaps farmers have been bad and this is their punishment…but then there are those that say that doesn’t happen because God wants only what is good for us according to his plan so YES as a matter of fact, we need to be thanking God for the drought!!!!  Confusing to read, perhaps..but is the process of my thinking and once again leads me to ask…

Just thoughts… If you are going to give me the speel about just having faith…please don’t bother to leave a comment…I haven’t believed in the just have faith thing for a very long time.

Until next time…


Now I’m on vacation.  I actually accomplished a lot yesterday..He was working and I had little projects I had to complete on a list.  I hate lists..but anyway.  I got everything done.  I feel the most relaxed I’ve felt in many years.  I may even get peace outta this before the week is up.  Oh..don’t get me wrong..I still have things to do…it’s the things that have been hanging over my head since about 09 that are done…

Onward and upward.

that’s it for today…

Do you ever wonder?

I have been sitting on the floor for the last hour going thru a box of the girls’ barbie dolls, barbie doll clothes (which some were mine from the 60s.  I found cabbage patch dolls and stuffed critters and Barbies, and Kens, one of the new kids on the block as well as Michael Jackson.  Most are naked and have been  for a good 10 years or more…As I was going thru the clothes, I wondered what went with who and thought.gee I wish I would have had the girls put the clothes back on them the last time they played with them….which would have been????

Then I got into a really heavy thought process about how things happen in our lives..things we don’t plan…things we take for granted…things we don’t know…do I have any idea the last time I played Barbies with Lennie Rae, Susie and Peggy..no of course not..do I wish I could remember it – yes…the main thing I remember is going over to Peggy’s house and having elaborate Barbie houses put together on the pool table and playing for hours…I loved the little carpet squares I got when a carpet business went out of business…The Barbie Dream House – the furniture..the shoes or should I say shoe because there was always one missing.  

It’s even too late to encourage my kids to play and be kids …. the simple times they will never have again.

All this came from some Barbie Dolls and their clothes.

Until next time….