Do you ever wonder?

I have been sitting on the floor for the last hour going thru a box of the girls’ barbie dolls, barbie doll clothes (which some were mine from the 60s.  I found cabbage patch dolls and stuffed critters and Barbies, and Kens, one of the new kids on the block as well as Michael Jackson.  Most are naked and have been  for a good 10 years or more…As I was going thru the clothes, I wondered what went with who and thought.gee I wish I would have had the girls put the clothes back on them the last time they played with them….which would have been????

Then I got into a really heavy thought process about how things happen in our lives..things we don’t plan…things we take for granted…things we don’t know…do I have any idea the last time I played Barbies with Lennie Rae, Susie and of course I wish I could remember it – yes…the main thing I remember is going over to Peggy’s house and having elaborate Barbie houses put together on the pool table and playing for hours…I loved the little carpet squares I got when a carpet business went out of business…The Barbie Dream House – the furniture..the shoes or should I say shoe because there was always one missing.  

It’s even too late to encourage my kids to play and be kids …. the simple times they will never have again.

All this came from some Barbie Dolls and their clothes.

Until next time….

5 thoughts on “Do you ever wonder?

  1. A frustrating thing is you never know when it will be the last time. The last time that the girls played with Barbies or when the last time my boys played action figures or when the last time the kids would snuggle up in your lap and want mommy to read to them. If I was giving advice to a new young mother I would say live in the moment because you never know when it will be the last time.


  2. thoughtful post.We had sooo much barbie stuff. that was back when they were bendy.  I don’t think they’re bendy anymore.  I had the 6 million dollar man and the bionic woman and all their stuff too.  My barbie was always in love with GI Joe and always left Ken in the dust for him.  Oddly telling.  ;-P !  The Barbie Pool, Plane, Dune Buggy, RV, Town House, Country House and Motel were all spread out on the 3rd floor of our big old house with Barbie, Ken, the baby, Pj, Jim, a dog, a cat, and lots of clothes and shoes – and off in the corner in a crawl space lived GI Joe with all of his gear and The bionics lived in the A-dormer cut out.  Endless hours of playing.  I often wish I still had that stuff, but we moved so much I’m positive it went the way of yard sales.  I still have not forgotten the time when my little sister tried to give one of them bangs.  Oh!  not good. 


  3. Isn’t it wonderful how your mind works. The wandering is some of the best stuff!You took me back to my friends’ house. An only child, she had the BEST stuff. We played with elaborate Barbie houses next to the pool table. lol  She had tons and tons of great barbie clothes…and when we played, she wouldn’t allow me to change their clothes šŸ˜¦ It’s so funny to think about now, annoyed the crap outa me then. lolAnd naked barbies…I remember sitting in my daughters room dressing her barbies when she wasn’t even there cuz I hated seeing them laying there naked. Must’ve been that old friend rubbed off on me…but yeah the wandering is interesting šŸ™‚


  4. Amazing how many things jog your memory if you just make the time…BTW good luck on your upcoming retirement… are you excited? ^..^


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