Tell me:

Do you ever totally freak yourself out to the point you ask…am I really crazy or do I have too vivid of an imagination.

On my way to work this morning, I was coming down the hill on the hard surface road and I thought…Holy crap…there is a blue heron on the road…I’ve never, ever seen a blue heron on the road before…WT…then as I got closer, I realized it was just a stream of water on the road but I was able to say..ah..but it does have an unusual shape and as I got within a bumper length of it…i realized there wasn’t any was a rectangular shape of water…really not even water just where water had been…I so wanted to turn around and try it again to see if I saw it the second time…
*singsong voice – CrAzYYYYY.

I’m almost on vacation.  I have a meeting tomorrow night at the fire department with the EMS directors.  I really struggle talking to these folks because they don’t know me very well.  They have no idea how much I worship these volunteers and totally respect what they do…but they always seem to get defensive when I open my mouth and I just want to say…Hey.. I’m on your side…I’m just trying to come up with ideas that MIGHT work better..let’s discuss it and come up with a plan…but I’m usually spending so much time trying to be politically correct that I work myself into an irritable mood.  I also have to work on Thursday…otherwise…I’m on vacation.  The girls are coming back this weekend and we are having a small get-together at the lake for Phil’s 60th birthday.  Looking forward to a good week.

That’s it.  I’m going to bed.

Until next time…

3 thoughts on “Tell me:

  1. When it comes to that, you know, EVERYbody’s crazy; we just have our own specializations! Besides, I believe that would fall under “creative” and “imaginative”…right? šŸ˜‰


  2. Yup you’re nuts just like the rest of us! Tell those guys you are on their side, and how much you love them, at least you’ll start out with them feeling the love, then it’s on them. Vacations Rock!


  3. I’d totally join you in the crazy house. I do stuff like that, too. Oh that is frustrating about the meeting. Some people can’t take any suggestions without getting defensive. I think you really should say that you are on their side maybe it would help them understand you a little better. Yay for vacation! Sounds like fun to have a party for Phil’s birthday. What day is his birthday? Nice that your daughters can make it back home for that. Have any other plans for the vacation?


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