Just thinkin’

In an effort to not mislead anyone – I am an American…If I were forced to identify myself as a republican or democrat, I lean left…but, quite frankly, I think both sides are full of shit!  There…I said it…I used the S-word…because strong language was needed…and apparently that word is a full bodied word that makes grandmothers cringe and 3 year olds a mouth washing with soap during the young years of my generation.

I’m a card carrying liberal as far left as I can get supporting human rights.  I believe a woman has a right to abort a child…I may not like it and I may have a queezy feeling thinking about it, but it is the woman’s right and no one…absolutely NO ONE has a right to tell her what she can do with her body.

I support an individuals right to fall in love and marry whoever they want to marry.  It should be no ones business except the two people involved whether they marry or not marry…all of this shit about scarring the sanctity of marriage is ridiculous.  Heterosexuals have done a fine job in that department.  Those screaming the loudest about gay marriage always brings me back to the question…what is really going on here…are they really just freaked out about their own sexuality…Those who blow the most smoke have the most to hide?

I slip a little to the right with the right to bear arms.  Yes…I have the right. 

I am pretty moderate with social programs.  Yes..we should be helping assist our low income, homeless, out of work folks and their children…but I should not be supporting them for the rest of their natural life and the natural life of their 5 generations of offspring.  I know this is a touchy one and I don’t need hate mail or anyone sermon about the homeless in our society and how we owe them…

The only people we owe are our military…Period.  If you serve my country…We owe you…BIG!!!

Now..as far as the economy.  I’m having some difficulty supporting President Obama…yet I think Romney is a rich airbag…I don’t know…I feel very frustrated…are things better after 4 years with Obama?  I don’t know…I miss Bill and want him back…dress stain or not.

I’m slightly confused for this election…I have it in black and white now.

Until next time.

4 thoughts on “Just thinkin’

  1. @skanickadee – I read the pub’s platform today…yes…anti woman!!You are right about the “men” in black because I doubt there will be a woman!!!


  2. Here’s what it comes down to – if Mitt is elected, he will be appointing Supreme Court justices. Hmmm…Mitt owes lots of favors to super right wing, rich business people. So who do you think Mitt will appoint, some nice middle of the road Republican or someone like Robert Bork? These lifers in black will determine a lot of the future of our country. Who will they favor? You or me or big business and banking? As for the economy – what the hell are the Republicans doing to fix it? Nothing. Their only goal is to see Barack fail. Are things better with Barack? Well, the economy was on the brink of collapse when he took office. Yeah, it isn’t great but truly there are so many forces involved, you just can’t blame Barack. Read the platform, the ultimate goal of Republicans – they hate women – check out this article – http://www.forbes.com/sites/brycecovert/2012/08/28/six-ways-the-gop-platform-is-bad-news-for-womens-bottom-line-republican-convention/If Mitt hadn’t had to sell his soul to extremists of the party, but he has sold his soul and traded in his middle of the road ideals to suck up to them, but if he hadn’t he might have been tolerable as a president.


  3. Almost every time I’m standing in the voting booth I feel like it’s a choice between “the lesser of two evils”.  I don’t remember voting in recent years and thinking “heck yeah! whoopee!”  


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