This was my perch yesterday… You can’t tell but it is about 6 feet off the ground…
I sat here off and on yesterday watching him work on the deck…

Before he quit for the day, he lifted a good portion of the decking onto the frame.  He walks on those boards like they are flat ground…the darker ones are the old ones and he put the lighter ones between them for more stability…watching him makes me a nervous wreck.

The cats take turns keeping an eye on him also.  It’s not a job for the weak hearted!

Following deck construction, we went to dinner in Des Moines, had pedi’s…he just wanted someone to massage his feet, and went to see Hope Soars.  It’s a good movie…the audience was middle aged…I love Meryl Streep… You don’t want to take your children – 10 years old or 30 years old if sex talks makes you squeemish.

He’s out working on the deck again.. The critters and I are holding our vigil..every now and then one of them meows and he cusses.  Life is good.

Until next time…

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  1. He is such a hard worker! It is amazing what a good carpenter can do. I can’t wait to see it when it is finished.That is so cute that the cats were keeping an eye on him.I was wondering what you thought of that movie. I sure would like to see it. Nice to see that they make movies for folks our age.Don’t forget to take and post pictures when the deck is done!


  2. @Ninasusan – I thought so – wish we’d have known about that stuff when we redid our deck years ago; not sure it was even available then!


  3. @suzyQ_darnit – No…they are the Trex brand of fake wood that will never rot and will outlast the human race.


  4. Nice deck! Did you make him wear flannel?


  5. Deck looks great! Are those wooden boards?


  6. It’s all very exciting! Television for the cats.


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