Really interesting…

My xanga post yesterday brought out comments that actually made me feel better and not just totally hell bound; although, I haven’t heard from G’hog yet.  I’m sure he will have a different opinion.  I felt that most everyone got it…got my opinion, anyway..may not have agreed totally but were able to bring their perspective to my confusion … The opinions were different yet the same.  This is what I got out of it.

  • Belief in Diety!
  • Prayer works whether in the standard prayer to GOD or prayer as a meditation to the diety within.
  • GOD and dEVIL = Good and Evil (thanks John..that one really stuck with me)

I’ve been evolving to the way of thinking that there is an energy.  I also HAD wondered where that energy goes when our brain stops..that energy aka soul within us until my brother-in-law asked if that energy may go to those who mourn and cry?  Not sure..interesting thought.

I also have a very strong belief that our conscience is the source of our own good and evil and this should be our barometer. I believe  prayer is actually the meditation of our soul.

As far as organized religion – nope….  thanks to the ultra conservative religious, the tea party and the hate mongers all saying they speak for God…I will find my spirituality within my soul and communicate thru my soul…and if I find out the man with the long robe is out there, I’m sure he will find love and peace resting gently within me.

Until next time….

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