Niagara Falls

Against Kate’s wishes, He and I went to Niagara Falls today.  How fun.  She thought we were insane to drive 3.5 hours to see water running over rock and then drive 3.5 hours home.  We did it anyway…you know…rebellious parents 🙂  I chaperoned the high school band (kate’s year) to New York – the first stop was Niagara on the Canadian side.  I got wet…I was tired.  This time we went to the US side.  I’m glad I’ve seen both sides.  The horseshoe falls are better seen on the canadian side but personally I like the US side better.  Not so commercialized and more like the typical U S park….although with that being said…if you are going to visit the area overnight – go to the canadian side – lots more hotels/restaurants – and much cleaner.  The city of Niagara Falls (US) seems a little more run down.  (My advice tlm0000 is stay on the canadian side but run over to the US side before you head for home.)  I’ll post pics and a couple of videos when I get home.

Leaving in the AM.  Always hard to leave my baby but he and I are both ready to get back to normal for awhile.  We have been gone off and on for about two weeks.

Until next time…..


Having fun in Ohio…the weekend was unbelievably beautiful = Sunny /70/80s.
Yesterday we started off with a walk along the Cuyahoga River and falls…it was wonderful then we decided to shop until we dropped.  We hit Target, Michaels, Bennigans for lunch, thrift stores and furniture stores.  We came home with a few prize possessions.  Today, we took Kate to school – she text and said she would be ready at 1:00 because she wasn’t going to work so we drove back over to get her at 1.  We hit some shops in the little shopping district in Kent…ate at the Professor’s Pub…excellent wraps…we all go the asian wrap which was much better than I expected – then hit more thrift shops.  The best deal was 2 grocery “sacks” of books – mostly hardback for under $40 something…amazing…and an awesome old rocking chair for $25 along with a petite china hutch for $50…what a fun day.  “He” just made zuchini lasagne which “he” tells me is now ready…you don’t have to call me twice for a meal!!!

Poss snow mixed in with the rain tonight and early tomorrow.  No one seems to bat an eye here …they all say – well, that’s Cleveland. 

Until next time…..

2008 misc

What a difference a day makes…it rained all night and is continuing to lightly rain with more expected.  If this were one of those years that produced a dry winter, the rain would be welcome…but COME ON.  At the very least, I should be thankful it is 60 degrees this morning and not setting record lows in the 30’s.  I checked the forecast for Akron/Cyahoga Falls/Kent Ohio thru next wednesday…yup, rain.  Sorry tlm0000, you are gonna get wet there, girlfriend, standing out on the highway waving at the cars waiting for us to go by 🙂

All the critters have been fed and watered and done their duty – so guess I will go to bed and let “him” deal with soggy animals when he gets up.  He’ll appreciate that….



I’m really thinking that the weather today could not be any better.  “He” and I worked in the yard for awhile until ours arms hurt and the small of my back hurt…the sky is blue, the sun is warm and there is a light breeze.  Marley and Sierra were out running – actually running from here to there…this is a day the Lord has made – rejoice and be glad in it.

Watching the noon news and drinking a cup of coffee, somehow the girls popped into my mind and I was feeling nostalgic…I thought about sitting out on the back deck and absorbing some sun before it popped over the house and started to chuckle remembering one other time many years ago getting a little sun on the deck.  The girls were probably 4 and 10 … somewhere in that age group…living in the country, I frequently stepped out on the deck and sunned in my undies…well on this particular day, I was expecting the dishwasher repair man… I told the girls that if I fell asleep to be sure to wake me up when he got here… you know where this is going don’t you…well one of them came to the deck door and said, mama – the repairman is here…so I jumped up and walked into the living room to retrieve my shorts and t shirt only to come face to face with the repairman.  Those little cherubs didn’t wake me up until they let him in…ah…just one of the funny stories I can share about my adorable daughters 🙂

I have a haircut scheduled for this afternoon…I’ve been sending pictures of cuts I like to Jenny and she responds back yea or nay…wait…I don’t think there has been a single yea.  This will be fun..I’ve been growing my hair so I could change styles and am in a particularly ugly stage right now…but not after this afternoon.

Have a great day everyone….


Is the elitist label going to stick?

Is Michelle Obama’s black American vs white America internet thesis making a dent?

Is Obama’s minister and his Sunday morning politics going to sink him?

Is Obama too young, too articulate, too black, not black enough, too little experience make him untrustworthy or not able to fit in with blue collar Americans?

Will Pennsylvania be the defining vote in America?

Will Pennsylvania keep him from Pennsylvania Avenue?


Fishing with Tom and Rhonda


We had a great time in Missouri..didn’t catch any fish and actually the boys didn’t try that hard.  We just relaxed, enjoyed the sun and hung out.  Saturday afternoon drove about an hour west and south of Lebanon (which puts us nearly in Branson) to eat at Lamberts – the “throwed roll” restaurant. 

Here’s picture of us hanging out.  Tom is working on his fishing “stuff”


Here is Rhonda wearing the “happy hat” that I made on the way down…there is a reason why one of her eyes is red…I tried to take the red out but it didn’t work…I think it is the Coors.


Check out my videos – expecially the rock dam video and listen to the sound of rushing water..also a couple of videos of a heron with no human fear.  Tom made friends with muskrat Suzie when he was standing just where she wanted to swim.  He thinks we must have missed the part where he had to fight her off…uh huh.

IMG_0239 IMG_0243 IMG_0249 IMG_0242

We are home, now, for a few days leaving Saturday to visit Katy in Ohio…will wave at you Ohio xanga friends as we drive by 🙂

Until next time…..


Leaving in the morning for Bennett Spring.  Took the guy and dolls to the critter sitter..I actually think they were just fine with it.  Kim was at the door when we let them out of the truck and they made a b-line up the steps and back to the kennels where they proceeded to raise cain with 2 goldens…Kim says the same dogs were there the last time and they ended up making friends 🙂  Meanwhile…Benny and Billy are happy cats.  They have the run of the house…they’ve been playing and chasing each other and talking in their outside voices.

IM’ed Kate and I think we are going out to Ohio a couple of days after we get back from Missouri.  Will spend 3 or 4 days with her.  “He” doesn’t have to go back to work until May 7th.  He got his boot off today but she said he will probably be able to stand 4 hours or so…he’s having some tendonitis issues today but relieved that he knows it will go away and is not his plantar fascitis acting up.

I’ll have my laptop and will keep up – I’m so addicted – I probably should leave it at home but why not take it – it’s what makes me happy.  Probably won’t blog but will keep up on you guys.

Until next time…..

The newspaper story

Here’s the news story on the 23 year old being held against her will that I told you about earlier:
Authorities arrested a Pella man last week after local dispatchers received a report of a female being held against her will while driving on Highway 163 near Prairie City.

Rigoberto Castro Hurtado appeared in court for a preliminary hearing Monday on charges of assault with intent to commit sexual abuse and interference with official acts. The 34-year-old man is accused of fondling a 23-year-old female and threatening to take her to a hotel while forcing her to drive to Des Moines.

A Prairie City officer was notified of the situation by Jasper County Dispatch at 2:42 a.m. April 6 and located the suspect vehicle. After initiating a traffic stop, Hurtado — a passenger in the front seat — exited the vehicle and allegedly refused to obey the officer’s orders. When Hurtado attempted to re-enter the vehicle, the officer activated his taser, effectively stopping him, according to court documents.

Hurtado initially was arrested on a charge of second-degree sexual abuse, a class B felony, but a less serious charge of assault with intent to commit sexual abuse was filed against him during his preliminary hearing Monday.

The victim told authorities she pushed Hurtado away several times and that he threatened to kill three other male passengers — all in their mid-20s — in the back seat of the vehicle during the incident, but no one was injured.

Hurtado is being held in the Jasper County Jail on a $15,200 bond, and he is scheduled to be arraigned on the charges April 23. Assault with intent to commit sexual abuse is a serious misdemeanor with a penalty of no more than a year in jail and a fine between $250 and $1,500.


 I think it is safe to say that Spring has sprung, the grass is getting green and the iris are coming up.  I’m just giddy!!!  Amanda came in at 0200 so I used some comp time and took off.  Spent the night paying some bills and changing the theme of my xanga site again … I also started browing You Tube and see what I found.  There are some really fun videos on You Tube of the boys when they were young and quite a few of their 50th anniversary special on PBS.  ahhhhhhh

The sun has risen and it sounds like “he” is stirring around upstairs so think I will turn in with my Jonathan Kellerman book – I think the title is “Lost”.  Suppose to rain tonight so I’m guessing by the time I get up, it will no longer be clear.  You old girls – click on that You Tube and watch those 50-plus year old men movin’ their bootys.

*********edit****** the Jonathan Kellerman book is “Gone” not “Lost”

Until next time….


What are we doing to the kids?

I don’t even know where to begin…my brain is so wrapped around the what goes around comes around mentality when raising our kids.  Oh…there are some who break the cycle and there are so many extremes to the problem.  On the one end, my mother, with a narcissistic personality disorder, raised me to be a people pleaser, to take care of her needs by manipulating me and everyone else in her life that she “loved/loves”.  So I really wonder what made her this way.  My aunt, her only sister, has a touch of it also except Aunt Frances is loving and reaches out to everyone ie. at 92 totally gave up her life to move into my 90 year old mother’s house to take care of her and my mother treats her like dirt; I really believe that my mother has no idea what she is doing…I believe that she thinks that she has had this hard life and no one does anything for her or respects her for everything she has done for everyone…uh huh.  Something happened to those girls back in the early 1900’s to totally screw up one and mame the other.  “His” mother is 82 and has raised 4 children – they have responsibility issues, no self motivation, can’t disagree in a nice way and 3 of them with significant marriage issues.  This is not to say the fathers don’t affect the child rearing but I see these things in the mothers.  His mother is terribly selfish and thinks it is all about her..nothing new..always been this way…the kids just figured it out in their 50’s that there was something not right about “mama”.  My friend, Kim’s mother has terribly dependency issues and Kim pretty much plays the mother and her mom plays the daughter – she is in her 70’s.  I question whether it is a generation thing.  I started off parenting doing what my mother did…by expecting immediate obedience and not allowing her to be a baby…I’m not sure what happened when she was 2 or 3 because I figured it out and vowed never to do what my mother did.  I have also since apologized to my oldest daughter (several times) that I just didn’t know and am so sorry for any of it she remembers.  So…I broke that cycle but still have the inner voice which has me insecure and untrusting and I certainly picked a job which would bring out my compassion, taking care of people and people pleasing.

Back to the initial question…what are we doing to our kids.  What kind of mother will my daughters be.  Was I too strict with one and too lenient with the other.  They are both very successful girls…the youngest is still in the making as a college student.  I could not ask for better kids but what will they take from their growing up years into their relationships with their kids….and on and on.

My first two calls of the night involved teenagers and drunken/mental fathers.  #1 had to listen to the parent’s fighting until an officer arrived on the scene…nasty stuff coming out of both of their mouths.  I stayed on the phone to try to keep everyone calm so the officer didn’t walk into a dangerous situation.  #2 call of my night was the woman who needed an officer to get her drunk husband out of the house..she and her 16 and 17 year old sons were able to get him into the bathtub protect them because he was too drunk to get out.  What are we doing to our kids?