Having fun in Ohio…the weekend was unbelievably beautiful = Sunny /70/80s.
Yesterday we started off with a walk along the Cuyahoga River and falls…it was wonderful then we decided to shop until we dropped.  We hit Target, Michaels, Bennigans for lunch, thrift stores and furniture stores.  We came home with a few prize possessions.  Today, we took Kate to school – she text and said she would be ready at 1:00 because she wasn’t going to work so we drove back over to get her at 1.  We hit some shops in the little shopping district in Kent…ate at the Professor’s Pub…excellent wraps…we all go the asian wrap which was much better than I expected – then hit more thrift shops.  The best deal was 2 grocery “sacks” of books – mostly hardback for under $40 something…amazing…and an awesome old rocking chair for $25 along with a petite china hutch for $50…what a fun day.  “He” just made zuchini lasagne which “he” tells me is now ready…you don’t have to call me twice for a meal!!!

Poss snow mixed in with the rain tonight and early tomorrow.  No one seems to bat an eye here …they all say – well, that’s Cleveland. 

Until next time…..

2 thoughts on “ohio

  1. i sent you a response to your comment however it ended up in my comment session so you may have not even seen it. i don’t know what i’m doing help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! deb


  2. I’m so glad the weather has been good for you!  It may be colder today, but at least the sun is shining.  Zucchini lasagna sounds very good! 


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