2008 misc

What a difference a day makes…it rained all night and is continuing to lightly rain with more expected.  If this were one of those years that produced a dry winter, the rain would be welcome…but COME ON.  At the very least, I should be thankful it is 60 degrees this morning and not setting record lows in the 30’s.  I checked the forecast for Akron/Cyahoga Falls/Kent Ohio thru next wednesday…yup, rain.  Sorry tlm0000, you are gonna get wet there, girlfriend, standing out on the highway waving at the cars waiting for us to go by 🙂

All the critters have been fed and watered and done their duty – so guess I will go to bed and let “him” deal with soggy animals when he gets up.  He’ll appreciate that….


4 thoughts on “2008 misc

  1. Rain Rain go away! We are tired of it too! can’t get my garden started and can’t even go camping BOO HOO oh well can’t do a thing about it but wished it would stop for awhile


  2. Stop with the Osmonds already!!! OK? They are fossils. Lord, why aren’t they all dead yet? Please stop them before they make more! Send them to their Mormon reward.


  3. It will be well worth it!  It’s been beautiful all week here.  It’s gonna get gloomy just in time for you to come visit!


  4. Oh what a difference a day makes!  I noticed your first sentence on yesterday’s post about the wonderful weather.  And now rain.  We are expecting rain in the next few days.  Times like these I am grateful that my house is on a hill!Take care and have a good day!


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