I’m really thinking that the weather today could not be any better.  “He” and I worked in the yard for awhile until ours arms hurt and the small of my back hurt…the sky is blue, the sun is warm and there is a light breeze.  Marley and Sierra were out running – actually running from here to there…this is a day the Lord has made – rejoice and be glad in it.

Watching the noon news and drinking a cup of coffee, somehow the girls popped into my mind and I was feeling nostalgic…I thought about sitting out on the back deck and absorbing some sun before it popped over the house and started to chuckle remembering one other time many years ago getting a little sun on the deck.  The girls were probably 4 and 10 … somewhere in that age group…living in the country, I frequently stepped out on the deck and sunned in my undies…well on this particular day, I was expecting the dishwasher repair man… I told the girls that if I fell asleep to be sure to wake me up when he got here… you know where this is going don’t you…well one of them came to the deck door and said, mama – the repairman is here…so I jumped up and walked into the living room to retrieve my shorts and t shirt only to come face to face with the repairman.  Those little cherubs didn’t wake me up until they let him in…ah…just one of the funny stories I can share about my adorable daughters 🙂

I have a haircut scheduled for this afternoon…I’ve been sending pictures of cuts I like to Jenny and she responds back yea or nay…wait…I don’t think there has been a single yea.  This will be fun..I’ve been growing my hair so I could change styles and am in a particularly ugly stage right now…but not after this afternoon.

Have a great day everyone….

2 thoughts on “2008

  1. did he give you a nice discount?


  2. That is so funny but must have been really embarrassing for you! I hope you find something nice to do with your hair. 


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