The joy you are missing when you don’t own a cat!!!

Dogs spent the weekend with their friends at the Newton Animal Rescue League because we went to Kansas City to spend the weekend with Jenny.  I decided this morning that I should probably take Truman along to pick up the dogs because he is overdue on a distemper shot.  Non-cat people do not realize the psych advantage cats have.  I went to the basement to get the carrier…all the time…repeating in my mind…STOP THINKING ABOUT GETTING THE CARRIER. must carry the carrier up the stairs like you have no idea what it is…oh…look what jumped into my hand while I was walking up the basement stairs…DO NOT THINK ABOUT THE CARRIER.  They know…the cats know anyway…but somehow if they don’t pick up on your vibes..they can play the same game…DON’T LOOK OR THINK ABOUT THE CARRIER AND SHE WILL PROBABLY REALIZE THAT SHE MEANT TO BRING UP fill in the blank.  Most important DO NOT LOOK AT YOUR VICTIM.  DO NOT THINK ABOUT YOUR VICTIM, everything is normal..DO NOT LOOK AT HIM.

ahhhhh. he’s hiding behind the coffee table ready to pounce on one of his brothers..quick…grab him from the back…hold tight but DO NOT THINK ABOUT THE CARRIER, YOU ARE THINKING ABOUT HOW TO GET HIM IN THE CARRIER – STOP.  Okay…shall I be human and just open the door and have him walk in….OH NO….Hold on little kittie…set the carrier on end…don’t drop the cat, attempt to hold the wild cat’s legs and let gravity help…gravity…what gravity…it holds the earth in space and me on the planet but is of absolutely no help in dropping a cat backwards into the carrier.  and then the screaming begins…it’s a gutteral scream from way deep inside.  It’s the deep scream and cry of a man deep in the woods who just fell into a very deep hole.  That sounds horrible…but so does the poor little 13 pound kitty caught in a cat carrier – imagine that scream in the confines of the truck on the 15 minute drive to the vet.  DON’T THINK ABOUT THE SHOT AND DO NOT THINK ABOUT THE WHOLE THERMOMETER EXPERIENCE…

Until next time……

One of THOSE moments…

I seem to have rather frequent Ah – Ha moments now.  I’m thinking, perhaps, as you clear out the crap in your mind,  the good stuff has more room to circulate.  It only makes sense.  Sometimes I actually wonder if I’m the only one that these things just come to…that everyone else is ::eye rolling:: and thinkin’ well, ya NINA….

We painted two walls in the living room yesterday.  It was a an awesome shade of green – I loved it – but the room is very dark..lots of windows on the east side but the light is extremely filtered by trees…it is a little better in the winter..but not much.  “He” and I complain about it frequently so it is now a flat – darker than off white but lighter than taupe color.  I would have gone a little darker, but he reminded me that we are going lighter.

Yesterday was a very fun day for me.  He hates to paint, but he was an absolute saint about it.  He only got “bitchy” while trimming the last few feet of wall.  He listened to my IPOD music, he laughed at my jokes, we had some good conversations…it was just us…well, and Franny.  Marley wanted to be outside and all 5 cats were in the basement because cats/paint/paws absolutely do not mix.  Getting to my point in a second….I fixed him supper because I wanted to fix him supper, not because we had to eat.  I told him how much I appreciated him helping me and doing it so pleasantly…I did some of this sitting on the couch drinking coffee while I waited for him to get ahead of me trimming.  What I realized….really realized for the first time…there are very few things I don’t like about “him”.  In fact, there are only just a couple…okay…maybe 3…but it hit me yesterday…The things I like about him far outnumber the things I find irritating about him…I had never thought of that before…seriously…when he’s good, he’s really good…but when he is bad…he really irritates me…but after all these years, the bad just isn’t that bad anymore…but the good keeps getting better.

Oh..and I can barely grip a pen today because my hands hurt so bad from holding the roller..and my hip on the right side is killing me along with my left knee from climbing up and down off the ladder..but that hasn’t dampened my spirit at all about painting.

I heard that Phil.

What I learned yesterday…

For the most part, it is safe to say that my overblown reaction to some of the people who continuously call for police assistance ie.  8 year old who won’t go to bed, SERIOUSLY.  My ??? is harrassing me by calling me on the phone, DON’T ANSWER THE PHONE, THEY WILL GET TIRED OF THE RING.  So and so and I are getting a divorce and he/she is trying to take my car, DO YOU HAVE A DIVORCE DECREE…no…IS THE CAR REGISTERED TO BOTH OF YOU..yes but I’m making the payments…DO YOU HAVE AN ATTORNEY…no…HAVE YOU FILED FOR DIVORCE…well, no.  (Will you be back together before the week is up)?  (can’t ask that one)…anyway, my total irritation at these people is genuine but perhaps a bit blown up because they bring out the same emotions I used to feel when Helen would call for the 3rd time in one night because she couldn’t get the remote to work and we won’t show her how…ARE YOU KIDDING ME, RESENTMENT, RESENTMENT, RESENTMENT.  My today problem makes me feel like my head is going to blow off this much *     *  which actually  triggers the much more dramatic reaction to Helen which was this much
*                                                                                                                                                                         *

To go along with that, I learned that eating and sex are the two pleasurable activities that have remained in us thru eons of evolution.  Unfortunately in order to soften my anger during an explosive event, I think about eating because it gives me pleasure.  I guess at work, eating is okay…having sex everytime I got pissed might be frowned upon…but I’d be popular 🙂

This was a huge breakthru…does this help anyone else or am I just a dunce who never thought about connections like this?

Until next time….