Alayna called me last night just before 10 to tell me the ambulance was headed to my mother-in-laws house because she thought she was having a stroke…I called “him” at work and we both headed to the hospital.       Her language was very garbled but she seemed to be in good spirits..the cat scan showed she had some type of blockage in the back part of her head but it may be old…they expected there to be a new one…they finally got her to her room a little after 1am…”he” went up today to see her and said her right arm was not working normal and her gait is off…we’ll see…

I stayed in bed nearly all day today – in fact I got up officially at 7pm.  I was up and down all night (day) with a headache and sore throat…one of those headaches that if I lay very still is okay but as soon as I move it starts throbbing…Now that I’m up I feel better, the throat still hurts, I have a kettle of water boiling on the stove to get some moisture in the air – thought maybe that was causing the pain??

I’m going to head into town to go to the store to get some ingredients for Super Bowl snacks…think I’m going to make taco soup…that is the only thing I know for sure.  It’s 42 degrees right now at 10pm…that in itself is something to rejoice about.

Until next time…..

I can’t stay awake…everytime I sit on the couch, I dose off…well don’t sit on the couch, Nina…

I got a lot of computer work done today – I actually started listing some of the things I did but then realized you surely didn’t want to know the details….

I finished another Christmas stocking this morning…I’ll take a pic one of these days and post it…I think I’m going to rent a movie on pay per view and start another stocking…or maybe I’ll just go watch Dateline and snooze thru it. 

Wow..I’m boring today…zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

I had a near perfect Thursday…if I’d gotten a little more sleep, it might actually have been a perfect Thursday.  I spent the day – at least 7 hours – scrapbooking with Deb and Karen…I had a great time – very relaxing…what is better than sitting around doing something you enjoy with 2 of your best friends, 4 dogs, lots of coffee and laughter.  Life is good.

Until next time….


I had myself worked into a funk this morning … “his” aunt – age 65 died.  I don’t know what the cause of death was but I do know that she smoked like a chimney, had a little alcohol problem and was no bigger around than my little finger and poss had some osteoporosis going on…but at any rate…she was 65 – there are not very many years between 52 almost 53 and 65….Then as I tend to do, I really started thinking about mortality and thinking I had better start living and quit bitching because it could be all over soon…we never know when…and then I started thinking about all of the things I stew and worry about…what if I die tomorrow – I sure would have spent a lot of time worrying about nothing…but what if I do live as long as Helen – until I’m 90+ then will I be glad I worried and fretted ….. hmmm… so I’ve got a few credit card bills and a couple of vehicle payments…isn’t that just part of life?While I was trying to go to sleep this morning, I decided that moderation was the key…moderation in everything…well except in this Iowa winter…I don’t want to settle for moderation with this ice, snow and cold..but do I actually have a choice..well, yes I do…we always have a choice…a God given right….always a choice.




 The Super Bowl is on my mind.  We are going to Carl and Jane’s house to watch the party at our house this year.  Dinner and Long Island Ice Tea is on the line…Marc has taken Pittsburg and I’m holding out for the Cardinals and Kurt Warner… I look forward to the Super Bowl but it is bitter sweet because it means football season is officially over 😦

I have let two patches of hair grow on the front of my legs just to see how long it will get.  Now before you turn up your nose and yell GROSS…look at it this way…it’s an experiment..someone has to do it.  I have one hair right now that is 3/4 inch long…I’ll plan to shave the two patches sometime in late April…TBA.

Benny – the little kitty with the back leg issue may also be the smartest Kitty.  He has learned to turn the Roomba on….”he”told me that several times the other night while he was watching TV, Benny would start it up.  Tonight – it happened to me – it had just gone back to it’s station to recharge and all of a sudden in started beeping and pulled out of the charging station…”he” put it back and sat down and Benny started it up again.  I’m glad I didn’t pay the extra $50 for the scheduler on the machine…I have Benny….



Stay warm everyone….spring is just around the corner.

Until next time….

So the train goes thru on the tracks…blows snow all along the track including on the highway…roads are drifting with the wind….Doof chooses to drive thru the drift made by the train….in doing so, he rips off his bumper and damages his radiator…he thinks the railroad should have to pay for his damages…I mean…if the trains are going to go thru there, they should have someone behind it cleaning up the drifts.  It obviously never occurred to the idiot not to drive thru the snow drift …. it’s always someone else’s fault. 

I’m going to bed…..

I changed yesterday’s ranting to private because Jenny didn’t want her friend to read it and have her feelings hurt…that’s my girl…above all treat people kindly…

So much for the January thaw, which by the way only made it up to the 40’s here in central Iowa…it is back to cold today…the temp is still 18 but the wind is a mother.

I go back to work tonight…nothing really to talk about here other than I dreamed a good part of my night about an old friend…now I’m kind of worried about him…I haven’t seen him in 33 years and it was a really intense dream and I seem to have that wierd nack of dream vs real life correlation..

Until next time…..

President Obama is spending his first night in the white house.  What a wonderful thought…I had to laugh out loud when Katie Couric made the comment that lots of people were cheering as W and the Mrs. lifted off in the helicopter and did their last tour of DC and people were cheering…some were probably cheering for him others were cheering because he was getting out of town.  🙂

I have become a different person over the last year.  I won’t go into detail because 1) it would take too much explaining; and 2) it’s not something I want to share at this point…suffice it to say I had an Oprah ah ha moment concerning civil rights in this country, black and white in general and I will never think the same again.

The inauguration was a very inspiring event to witness.  I believe President Obama is exactly what this country needs…not only to unite racial American but I think he will bring discipline, values and integrity back to government.


Until next time….