President Obama is spending his first night in the white house.  What a wonderful thought…I had to laugh out loud when Katie Couric made the comment that lots of people were cheering as W and the Mrs. lifted off in the helicopter and did their last tour of DC and people were cheering…some were probably cheering for him others were cheering because he was getting out of town.  🙂

I have become a different person over the last year.  I won’t go into detail because 1) it would take too much explaining; and 2) it’s not something I want to share at this point…suffice it to say I had an Oprah ah ha moment concerning civil rights in this country, black and white in general and I will never think the same again.

The inauguration was a very inspiring event to witness.  I believe President Obama is exactly what this country needs…not only to unite racial American but I think he will bring discipline, values and integrity back to government.


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  1. I have HIGH HOPES for the next four years, although not sure what he can (no matter how much he wants) do in that time. I just pray that his presidency will bring about some substantial changes in politics, economics and social realities in this country.


  2. Today is going to be interesting because his team may start making some statements about what is going to change right away.  Cross your fingers.


  3. I am so happy we have a new President.  He has a monumental job ahead of him.  I hope people realize that and don’t expect instant results.Even though America has elected its first African American president, I think as a country we still have a long way to go with civil rights and racism.


  4. Hope is a very good and powerful thing.  I hope our country can pull together and roll up our sleeves and get to work together.   I almost never fully watch the inauguration but felt compelled to pay attention to such a historic moment this time around.  It was quite moving.


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