Thanks you guys for your support…I was thinking today about how sick one can get with politics and dealing with people in general and it popped into my head…why in the world does O O Obama want to deal with it on such a large scale…can you quite imagine all of the peon BS we put up with on a daily basis…can you imagine what the president must have to endure..and he probably can’t just tell someone to back off expletive expletive… that is probably why presidents appear to age 50 years during their white house years.. I’m looking forward to Tuesday…I hope to be part of all of the inaugural stuff from the comfort of my living room on my big screen TV.

For those of you on facebook, you have already heard about my irritation with secondary roads…they pile snow up on the north and west side of roads…the winter wind has always blown from the north and west blowing the snow into drifts on the road…why do they do this?

Do food service people really spit on the food of cops and testy patrons?

What should we do with people who smoke in cars with children and with the windows rolled up?

Who is the first person who thought – ya..lets put some anhydrous ammonia, some cold pills and some other poisons together, cook it and then ingest it in our bodies to get high…who thinks of these things?

If society is not punished for breaking certain rules/laws, then why have the rules/laws?

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  1. I don’t know many of the answers but probably somebody in Sophomore chemistry thought up the cold pill thing because it is fairly basic chemistry.  My question is who would be so stupid as to make the stuff at home without proper safety equipment and who would take a drug made by an amateur?  Only very immature careless people would feel secure doing that.  Just thinking about it makes me feel grumpy.  And yes the secondary roads are terrible.  I imagine that the cutbacks in public services are to blame.  Which brings us to the question: why don’t people want to pay for public services?


  2. To answer some of your questions:1. Yes, food service people (usually just the cooks) spit and do other horrible things in food.  I never witnessed anything worse than spit thank goodness, but it’s bad. So, knowing this, why would anyone ever fuck with people who take care of their food? My constant question about the stupidity of humans. 2. The same thing we do with people who smoke in their homes. Nothing.  The crusade on smoking has gone too far, if you ask me.  I think cigs are bad whatever, but we’re really creating closet smokers and other consequences of judgemental society.  There is nothing that we can do that is safe, basically.  Science has discovered too much. That is why we have longer life expectancies but lower qualities of life.  I agree second hand smoke is bad, but think about how many people survived living in homes with smoking families. Your generation is probably packed. 3. About homecooked drugs: These are people who have hit rockbottom like you and I can’t even imagine. They have nothing to live for, nothing to look forward to, and no guidance. If you get to hard drugs like Meth, you’re not out for a fun time, you’re out to get rid of whatever it is that has made your life so horrible. We can’t understand it so we shouldn’t really try, nor judge. Just try to handle the problems and get them back on a safe path.4. I think we need rules that are not stringently enforced to keep the scare tactic in society.  If we didn’t have laws against smoking weed, you wouldn’t be able to bust the idiots who drive around or are a danger in public, but you can still accept and ignore those who are safe in their homes. What kind of rules are you looking at specifically? 


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