I had myself worked into a funk this morning … “his” aunt – age 65 died.  I don’t know what the cause of death was but I do know that she smoked like a chimney, had a little alcohol problem and was no bigger around than my little finger and poss had some osteoporosis going on…but at any rate…she was 65 – there are not very many years between 52 almost 53 and 65….Then as I tend to do, I really started thinking about mortality and thinking I had better start living and quit bitching because it could be all over soon…we never know when…and then I started thinking about all of the things I stew and worry about…what if I die tomorrow – I sure would have spent a lot of time worrying about nothing…but what if I do live as long as Helen – until I’m 90+ then will I be glad I worried and fretted ….. hmmm… so I’ve got a few credit card bills and a couple of vehicle payments…isn’t that just part of life?While I was trying to go to sleep this morning, I decided that moderation was the key…moderation in everything…well except in this Iowa winter…I don’t want to settle for moderation with this ice, snow and cold..but do I actually have a choice..well, yes I do…we always have a choice…a God given right….always a choice.




4 thoughts on “Moderation

  1. Now that I’m 69 I can tell you to really think now about what you want from life because with each passing year you will have that much less time to experience it.   Moderation is definitely a good principle because it reduces stress and stress shortens life.  Is is a wake up call when people anywhere near our age start getting sick or dying.  All the more reason to treat ourselves with love and care.


  2. Sorry about your loss. .  Moderation is key.  It’s a good way to try to live – I think.  Mortality – I’m not a fan, espeically when you’re forced to think about such things.   Worry – I’m a pro – until lately.  I just can’t, so I don’t, or I do, but not for very long.  Look at it this way.  97% of the things we worry about we can’t do one blessed thing about, they’re out of our control.  So – deal with the 3% you have some measure of control over and let the rest go. 


  3. sorry about the loss. you would be glad you worried and fretted because if you lived to 90 obviously the worrying and fretting helped to make you survive that long…. maybe.


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