The Super Bowl is on my mind.  We are going to Carl and Jane’s house to watch the party at our house this year.  Dinner and Long Island Ice Tea is on the line…Marc has taken Pittsburg and I’m holding out for the Cardinals and Kurt Warner… I look forward to the Super Bowl but it is bitter sweet because it means football season is officially over 😦

I have let two patches of hair grow on the front of my legs just to see how long it will get.  Now before you turn up your nose and yell GROSS…look at it this way…it’s an experiment..someone has to do it.  I have one hair right now that is 3/4 inch long…I’ll plan to shave the two patches sometime in late April…TBA.

Benny – the little kitty with the back leg issue may also be the smartest Kitty.  He has learned to turn the Roomba on….”he”told me that several times the other night while he was watching TV, Benny would start it up.  Tonight – it happened to me – it had just gone back to it’s station to recharge and all of a sudden in started beeping and pulled out of the charging station…”he” put it back and sat down and Benny started it up again.  I’m glad I didn’t pay the extra $50 for the scheduler on the machine…I have Benny….



Stay warm everyone….spring is just around the corner.

Until next time….

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  1. I’m getting myself confused. That other comment was for this one


  2. You should teach him to dust too!   I know what you mean about the Superbowl.  I’m always in a funk @ the end of football season.  I substitute it with NASCAR until Spring/Summer and then we’re never home on Sat/Sun again anyway until October, unless it rains!    I’m rootin’ for the Steelers.  I love me some Troy Polamalu!  Yeah boy!


  3. smart kitty.   I hardly have any hair left on my legs.   when summer comes what little i do have gets bleached from the sun.


  4. Haha – some cats are so smart.  That is so funny.  Way to go Benny.That is a funny experiment.  What does “he” think of it?I’m kind of out of touch with the whole Super Bowl thing.  Is it this weekend?


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