Don’t hate me….

Because my Christmas shopping is done! To be completely transparent in my gloating it seems every year my Christmas list for recipients gets shorter and shorter due to death and distance.

I read an article a long time ago in a magazine explaining that how we show love is how we feel love.  There are those *cough HIM that show love by just being together…say sitting on the couch watching TV or reading.  He feels like he is loved when I spend time with him just being.  I, on the other hand, show my love by doing things for people,or giving small gifts (or in the case of Christmas) showering people with gifts….it makes me feel good….and on the other side of the coin, do something unexpected for me or present me with a small gift just because and I will follow you anywhere.

Therein lies the conflict….when one person doesn’t know how the other person feels loved.  I speak from experience.  I’ve learned to sit and be with him and he does things for me and listens to those 4 little words that strike fear in his heart…I’ve got an idea….

So to get back on track here.  I love Buying Christmas presents for those people on my short list and I miss buying Christmas presents for those people that fall into the death/distance list.

Until next time….