The retirement row

If I hadn’t been with the group of people walking into the Sprint Center, I would swear they stuck us in a row of retirees. But actually old people are finding their seats all over the arena for the Journey/Doobie Brothers concert.

I even wore my large hoop earrings!  Pass me a joint down the row of arthritic hands and get this concert started!

High school revisited overnight

We were at Lori and Bill Matthews house for the class reunion.  Lots of people I knew that still looked the same as they did in high school, middle school and elementary school….some clique bitches (my dream inspired words) (although I have used or thought those exact words to describe THAT kind of girls).  To enhance my rebel-side coveted images, I found a seat in the back of an old jeep and pulled out a shotgun and shot the windows out of the dentists office when we passed.

….and this is where the dream makes total sense!  Three weeks ago I went to the dentist to get the process started for a new bridge.  When the old one was removed, the bad news was realized by the dentist that x rays didn’t show the back tooth crumbled and easily sucked up with the suction hose….which meant the tooth from the gum down needed to be drilled and yanked.  Now I am like most people, I hate going to the dentist and when surprises rear their ugly heads…well…you know.  So I went for my appointment this morning.  The crown was not made correctly and I’m back home with a temporary crown again and in holding pattern for another 3 weeks

I’m mildly concerned that in the dream, when we stepped out of the house to get into the jeep for the joy ride, I had to wade through knee deep water.  Rain is forecast for this afternoon and the sky is very dark to the west….you know what I’m worried about now.

Until next time….


Just when I start getting back in my groove outside, old age strikes the woman down.  After waking up yesterday, I rolled to my side and was struck with room spinning…..spinning out of control and from there I had to find my way to the bathroom to vomit.  Spinning and puking is exactly the words my doctor used when she came into the exam room.  You have to know the doctor to understand the lack of irreverence.  I like this bed side manner much better than the stiff medical lingo.

I heard from several sources yesterday that this is quite common and commonly affects older people.she prescribed meclizine for the symptoms and said she would send me to physical therapy next week if it doesn’t help.  I must say it does feel like an end of life event but am told is just one of those things. Pfft.

I woke up this morning with quite manageable spinning but slid out of bed to attempt to make it to the bathroom with the even gate of a highly intoxicated 60 year tea totaler.

Doc doesn’t think I have a middle ear infection although I have been having left side ear and gland issues for a couple of months…top that with the far back tooth I had removed on the left side 3 weeks ago with lots of novicaine in my main back nerve leads me to believe it is all tied together.

My plan today is to read and do what I CAN do and try to overcome the laziness guilt.  Your storie of vertigo are solicited and welcome!

Until next time…..

Things pop into my head

THats what I should have totally named my blog…or what Popped in my head today.  This one has been circling……

When I got my first walkman with the cassette tape music storage, I was reasonably in shape and walked 3 to 4 miles a day on our gravel road….lots of time to think.  One recurring thought was the music I listened to…my favorites….and I hoped that if I was ever injured, unconscious, in a coma that my family would set my Walkman and headphones on my bed and help me to recover by playing my favorite music.  It goes without saying that for many people, music can alter a bad, sad, happy mood.  I felt much comfort in the possibility as long as my family thought of it.

Then I realized that sometime when songs are played over and over again ie: Madonna’s Don’t cry for me Argentina that my sane mind can become insane when I’ve heard a song too much.  1,567 times of hearing the song pure joy…1,568 over the edge…STOP!  What if I’m in a coma and the family hooks me up to my Apple Music which can be found on all of my apple instruments and the cloud…what if I can’t stand the song any longer but have just not deleted it….or did, in fact, delete it but it is still in ICloud.  What if I’m forced to listen to a song I don’t like any more over and over and over….similar to waking up during surgery and not being able to tell anyone I CAN FEEL THAT!

I was downstairs cleaning up a few minutes ago and he had NPR blasting while he was taping Sheetrock.  I thought to myself…perhaps if he ever were comatose, I would play NPR day and night for him….would,that just have someone blowing a hole in the top of their head trying to get away from it…(or is that just me).

THis whole topic has me pondering if I should discuss this with the family or whether I should just blog about it to the folks who read my blog….which includes family.  Its out there now.

Until next time….


I was inducted today and signed my pledge to be a member of a …… ??? Sorority I guess you might call it.  IT is not associated with a college or university although the members are in their 60s or sliding head first into 60 and quite frankly the group seems to have a frat house mentality.

We were pinned….and I’m warning you if you see more than 2 women together and wearing this pen

Walk the other way.  Oh…and it’s an organization built on secrets so don’t even ask!

He and I have binge watched through season 3 of Blue Bloods.  I haven’t the slightest idea what we are going to do when we have been through all 6 seasons…it might be one of those shows that I start watching all over again so I can watch Donnie Wahlberg be all “coppy” and Tom Selleck be all Gorgeous Tom Selleck.  With that being said….(don’t message me, I know it’s a TV drama!), life in the streets of New York are full of angst so when I took Frannie on a walk tonight after dark at 2300 hours, I felt very lucky that I live in a community where I can do just that…take a walk after dark near the bewitching hour and have no fear…well until we got home and there was a stray cat on our front step who took a growling dislike to Frannie and set up quite a barrier between us and the front door where my cats were chattering.  Of course, I didn’t take my phone and he didn’t even know I had left the house and I’m sure there is no way he would have checked on me after his humiliation of hide and seek a couple nights ago.

It’s tomorrow already so Good night and Good Luck…

Until next time….

Hide and seek in our 60s

We were all tucked into bed last night….hahaha….he was listening to some UTube video with whirling saws and the volume loud enough I could smell the saw dust.  I was playing poker with friends on line…..I was thirsty.  I slipped out of bed…he said, where are you going (he’s thinking I’m going for peanut butter and crackers in bed).  I gave him the snarky look and said well, I guess if you want to know you will get your a$$ out of bed and find out.  Who knew.

By the time I got to the kitchen door and flipped on the light, a backward glance saw movement at the bedroom door…I slipped into the laundry room and snuggled up against the dryer.  Frannie was laying in the laundry room so I was pretty sure she would give me away by  looking at me also wondering what I was doing.  But like a good little puppy, she kept her head down on her paws….when he got to the kitchen door I heard a little half giggle as he did an about face and began the search into the other dark rooms  and finally back into the kitchen.  At this point I’m starting to lose myself with some giggle snorts….but then I said to myself…the old man is deaf, he’ll never hear me and Frannie is still not looking up. Eventually he walked into the laundry room and found my hiding place….and we giggled…and we giggled…and we giggled.

Thanks, Jax for bringing hide and seek back into our lives!

Until next time…..


We are embracing spring and flowers this week and it makes me very happy!  We are fortunate to live about 15 minutes from Powell Gardens where there is always something In Bloom.

I really only took pictures of Iris yesterday….but there were many beautiful plants and trees in bloom.  We will probably go back next week so we can experience all of the Iris blooming.

On the way home we stopped at Colonia Nursery and bought some pampas grass.  It’s been something I’ve wanted for many years…also bought some annuals for some pops of color.  I’ve put some new perennials in this year.

And then annuals as perennials?  Missouri winters are obviously warm enough to not totally kill seeds from annuals.  Last year I had some marigolds come back and they were larger and heartier than I’ve ever had before.  This year….the petunias….

The petunias in the bottom right and left corners came back from last year, I thinned half of them out and the bottom picture just the one on the lower left corner.  This is such a sweet surprise… I’ll be anxious to see how well they do this year

Jax will be 3 tomorrow.  I’m looking forward to a full family weekend.

Until next time…..