I was inducted today and signed my pledge to be a member of a …… ??? Sorority I guess you might call it.  IT is not associated with a college or university although the members are in their 60s or sliding head first into 60 and quite frankly the group seems to have a frat house mentality.

We were pinned….and I’m warning you if you see more than 2 women together and wearing this pen

Walk the other way.  Oh…and it’s an organization built on secrets so don’t even ask!

He and I have binge watched through season 3 of Blue Bloods.  I haven’t the slightest idea what we are going to do when we have been through all 6 seasons…it might be one of those shows that I start watching all over again so I can watch Donnie Wahlberg be all “coppy” and Tom Selleck be all Gorgeous Tom Selleck.  With that being said….(don’t message me, I know it’s a TV drama!), life in the streets of New York are full of angst so when I took Frannie on a walk tonight after dark at 2300 hours, I felt very lucky that I live in a community where I can do just that…take a walk after dark near the bewitching hour and have no fear…well until we got home and there was a stray cat on our front step who took a growling dislike to Frannie and set up quite a barrier between us and the front door where my cats were chattering.  Of course, I didn’t take my phone and he didn’t even know I had left the house and I’m sure there is no way he would have checked on me after his humiliation of hide and seek a couple nights ago.

It’s tomorrow already so Good night and Good Luck…

Until next time….

3 thoughts on “IBTC

  1. Your cats sound entertaining, sitting and chattering away.

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  2. How did you ever get into the Itty Bitty Titty Club? Did they look at you? I mean really. What were they thinking? Did they need something to aspire to…Odd they even let you in the door. Just sayin…

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