Things pop into my head

THats what I should have totally named my blog…or what Popped in my head today.  This one has been circling……

When I got my first walkman with the cassette tape music storage, I was reasonably in shape and walked 3 to 4 miles a day on our gravel road….lots of time to think.  One recurring thought was the music I listened to…my favorites….and I hoped that if I was ever injured, unconscious, in a coma that my family would set my Walkman and headphones on my bed and help me to recover by playing my favorite music.  It goes without saying that for many people, music can alter a bad, sad, happy mood.  I felt much comfort in the possibility as long as my family thought of it.

Then I realized that sometime when songs are played over and over again ie: Madonna’s Don’t cry for me Argentina that my sane mind can become insane when I’ve heard a song too much.  1,567 times of hearing the song pure joy…1,568 over the edge…STOP!  What if I’m in a coma and the family hooks me up to my Apple Music which can be found on all of my apple instruments and the cloud…what if I can’t stand the song any longer but have just not deleted it….or did, in fact, delete it but it is still in ICloud.  What if I’m forced to listen to a song I don’t like any more over and over and over….similar to waking up during surgery and not being able to tell anyone I CAN FEEL THAT!

I was downstairs cleaning up a few minutes ago and he had NPR blasting while he was taping Sheetrock.  I thought to myself…perhaps if he ever were comatose, I would play NPR day and night for him….would,that just have someone blowing a hole in the top of their head trying to get away from it…(or is that just me).

THis whole topic has me pondering if I should discuss this with the family or whether I should just blog about it to the folks who read my blog….which includes family.  Its out there now.

Until next time….

4 thoughts on “Things pop into my head

  1. In the late eightes/early nineties, I stopped listening to the radio altogether because I could no longer handle Def Leppard, Kokomo by the Beach Boys, and Red Red Wine by UB40. Unplug me if Def Leppard comes on. I know the feeling.

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  2. Hey Babe…if you slide into a coma, there will be no music plugged in for you. I’m thinking they will just unplug you completely.


  3. OMG I thought I was the only one who thought of stuff like that. Even the I love (d) this song but now I’m just sick of it. For me, it’s Soulshine, Almond Brothers. I love it, but because I loved it so much I put it on everything and now I skip over it. So what I decided that if I am really sick enough of it, maybe it’ll wake me up so I can shut the damn thing off!
    No on the NPR, he might decide it’s not worth waking up!

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