Just when I start getting back in my groove outside, old age strikes the woman down.  After waking up yesterday, I rolled to my side and was struck with room spinning…..spinning out of control and from there I had to find my way to the bathroom to vomit.  Spinning and puking is exactly the words my doctor used when she came into the exam room.  You have to know the doctor to understand the lack of irreverence.  I like this bed side manner much better than the stiff medical lingo.

I heard from several sources yesterday that this is quite common and commonly affects older people.she prescribed meclizine for the symptoms and said she would send me to physical therapy next week if it doesn’t help.  I must say it does feel like an end of life event but am told is just one of those things. Pfft.

I woke up this morning with quite manageable spinning but slid out of bed to attempt to make it to the bathroom with the even gate of a highly intoxicated 60 year tea totaler.

Doc doesn’t think I have a middle ear infection although I have been having left side ear and gland issues for a couple of months…top that with the far back tooth I had removed on the left side 3 weeks ago with lots of novicaine in my main back nerve leads me to believe it is all tied together.

My plan today is to read and do what I CAN do and try to overcome the laziness guilt.  Your storie of vertigo are solicited and welcome!

Until next time…..

5 thoughts on “Virtigo

  1. Happened to me a couple of years ago. Scared the crap out of me. Woke up, rolled over, room spinning. Was dx’d as benign postional vertigo They showed me some exercises to do that were supposed to move the crystals in your ear back into the right place if that was causeing it. I believe it helped, although it could’ve been coincidental. It only lasted a few days. Hope yours doesn’t hang on long!!

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  2. Listen to your instincts. If you think they are all tied together, they probably are. My paternal grandmother had cervical cancer and was told it was arthritis. She couldn’t read, but she knew her own body and the doctors wasted precious time because she was illiterate. Don’t let them intimidate you. You alone know what is normal for you. She died of it. Don’t accept being patronized. Trust yourself.

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  3. That must have been horrible. I am very grateful and fortunate that I have not had that. I hope it passes quickly and that you are back up to snuff very soon.

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  4. I have not experienced it myself yet your definition is so vivid that I almost puked myself. that spinning feel cannot be good… hope all will be fine soon NinaSusan.


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