High school revisited overnight

We were at Lori and Bill Matthews house for the class reunion.  Lots of people I knew that still looked the same as they did in high school, middle school and elementary school….some clique bitches (my dream inspired words) (although I have used or thought those exact words to describe THAT kind of girls).  To enhance my rebel-side coveted images, I found a seat in the back of an old jeep and pulled out a shotgun and shot the windows out of the dentists office when we passed.

….and this is where the dream makes total sense!  Three weeks ago I went to the dentist to get the process started for a new bridge.  When the old one was removed, the bad news was realized by the dentist that x rays didn’t show the back tooth crumbled and easily sucked up with the suction hose….which meant the tooth from the gum down needed to be drilled and yanked.  Now I am like most people, I hate going to the dentist and when surprises rear their ugly heads…well…you know.  So I went for my appointment this morning.  The crown was not made correctly and I’m back home with a temporary crown again and in holding pattern for another 3 weeks

I’m mildly concerned that in the dream, when we stepped out of the house to get into the jeep for the joy ride, I had to wade through knee deep water.  Rain is forecast for this afternoon and the sky is very dark to the west….you know what I’m worried about now.

Until next time….

3 thoughts on “High school revisited overnight

  1. I always thought you should have a crown. It figures that you would return it, complaining it wasn’t made correctly. Not enough jewels? Heavy is the head that wears the crown. Rule your land gently.


  2. Being in a holding pattern is frustrating. I know the feeling.

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  3. Dental surprises are never fun. Boo hiss!

    Good luck with the weather. Keep a watchful eye out.

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