The retirement row

If I hadn’t been with the group of people walking into the Sprint Center, I would swear they stuck us in a row of retirees. But actually old people are finding their seats all over the arena for the Journey/Doobie Brothers concert.

I even wore my large hoop earrings!  Pass me a joint down the row of arthritic hands and get this concert started!

6 thoughts on “The retirement row

  1. Nope you don’t look like old retired pp, you look great! Bet it was a great concert. What I want to know, is how old did the BANDS look?? I love love love your sandals!!

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  2. “It keeps you running” is a good anthem for retirees. And after the concert, you can go home for some “lovin’, touchin’, squeezin’.” Hope it was big fun.


  3. Ha ha ha! You sure don’t look like a retired person – you look great! Have a great time!

    Jesus is just alright by me! Enjoy the music!

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