The other side of beautiful nature

My little bench down by the pond (which is now beautiful too after Jax and I painted it) is a grounding place for me.  I can relax for a long time watching the water, watching the matching sky, watching the geese, feeling the breeze, watching fish jump and try to predict which way to look so I can catch the entire jump rather than just peripherally.  There are things in the pond which I don’t find relaxing….like seeing the little numb of a snake head swimming toward shore…or worse to come upon one curled up in the rocks.  But, the snapping turtles….there is just nothing pleasant about snapping turtles.

Especially the ones who slide a trail up into the front yard. I’m curious but don’t really want to know what causes a turtle to decide to vacate the pond and slides it’s ugly body up into the yard …… MY YARD!!

Even though I say I don’t care…I’m on my way to google.

EDIT:  they leave the pond in order to find a place to dig and dump their eggs.  Hmmmm

Until next time…

4 thoughts on “The other side of beautiful nature

  1. Turtles, like cats in my opinion, are so Zen. They will get somewhere when they are darn well ready, and not a minute sooner. (Snap!) Beauty doesn’t always come with a pleasant personality. If only…

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  2. yes, imagine 30 baby snappers emerging from your lawn. They make great soup if you know how to clean them for the meat. You can make stuff outta their shells too and those claws would make a fearsome necklace.

    Google the different uses for a dead turtle and then go out and pop a cap in her ass with your .38. She wouldn’t be that nice to you. Her kids won’t need her either.

    All Right, they ruin fishing. There I said it. Do me a favor and murder the bitch.

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  3. I’m not sure if you want to know this or not….but it’s actually pretty cool and would be really cool if you got lucky enough for Jax to witness it. There’s a good chance that turtle is coming up to your yard to find a place to lay eggs. She’ll dig a hole, deposit a bunch of eggs in it, cover it up and leave. And when they hatch, those little tiny turtles will head straight for the pond.
    We have a pond across the road, with all the same things. I love it too. And we did happen to catch a turtle laying her eggs once when the kids were little. My backyard is basically uphill. She did it right in the middle of it. The kids stood right over her watching. We weren’t lucky enough to catch them when they hatched or the journey back but that would’ve been sweet.
    Not that I love snapping turtles, they have been known to grab little baby duck feet, pull them under and that’s that. 😦 My daughter caught one once fishing in that pond. Luckily it was a pretty small one!

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