Show me cannabis

I have always…well, since the 70s….believed that the illegal status of marijuana was wrong and likened it to alcohol prohibition….and I don’t think I am wrong!  In my 30 years in the law enforcement community, I seldom bit my tongue about my views…..and in my 30 years I was never subjected to a drug test because I hope my character and being a rules follower protected my reputation…..and I knew what was at stake if I were ever to break that rule and test positive.  With that being said….

I was putting on my Show Me Cannabis t shirt this morning thinking about the lessons taught in the schools thru DARE and just-say-no programs.  I’m not an expert on how these classes are taught, And I think the jury is out about whether these programs work.  But what about the kids in these classes who have parents who knowingly use pot (for whatever reason).  What does this do to the psych of these kids.  Does it make them  fearful that mom or dad will be arrested?  Does it mess with them and cause them to not trust their parents…putting a large brick in the relationship?  Does it make them see cops as bad?  Or does it do anything at all to their little minds?  AND when marijuana is legal in all 50 states and the DOC, what will we tell the kids then?  OH…we were wrong, it’s not so bad but just like liquor, don’t do it until you are of age?

Just thoughts.  As you, who didn’t know, I believe marijuana should be legalized for recreational use.  I think that cops finding seeds in an ashtray should not be probable cause for putting people in jail and I’m very pissed off that someone who is arrested on marijuana possession frequently spends as much time in jail as rapists and murderers.

There.  That’s what I’m thinking about today.

Until next time….

6 thoughts on “Show me cannabis

  1. My thought is that it should probably be legal. We should at least be able to get a prescription for it. It’s regulated as it is because it works better than some of the drug company concoctions for chronic pain and other medical ailments too numerous to count. If it were patent-able, we would have been able to get it legally decades ago. The stigma of use is gone. They should just let it go. Maybe sell it next to the aspirin at Walgreens. Is that crazy talk?

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  2. I know this is a little off topic, but when I glanced at my feed, I swear i read “show me cannibals”…. ha. But yes, too many nobodys business decisions are regulated by our government and shouldn’t be. I don’t believe Marijuana to be any more of a gateway than other legal substances like alcohol and prescription drugs that are both quite regularly abused to the nth degree

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  3. I absolutely feel the same way. It is such a stupid law and I can’t believe that there are still people who think it should be illegal while they drink their vodka and tonics.

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