A full set of pearly whites

He is in bed as he always is by 10:30 so he can be up first light.  I’m wide awake sitting on the deck because night time is my time to enjoy.  After I took Frannie for a walk, I decided to spend some time on the deck. there’s a cool breeze, no bugs and my twilight lights.

I tried to commit to 2 minutes of meditation but my mind was having nothing of it….my breathing in and out was apparently not as interesting as the thoughts clanging.

One of the things I was trying to not think about was how many humans and critters in this house have a full set of teeth.  A month ago, I went in for bridge repair and my tooth crumbled when the bridge was removed.  Last week he went in for dental surgery and had some bone scraped and built up with cadaver bone…that’s what he says anyway…everything I’ve read said they use cow bone. Today we took Baxter in for a tooth cleaning and he had 5 teeth removed. So the count is 2.  1 dog, and 1 cat out of 1 dog, 4 cats and two humans.  If I didn’t live and love Missouri, I would pretend I was still an Iowan and insert Missouri joke.

Now I’ve made room for some dead space in my brain…perhaps I can sit back and relax, breath in and out for 2 minutes to calm my brain down.

Until next time….

4 thoughts on “A full set of pearly whites

  1. Meditation is always a challenge. If nothing else, you saw the theme of your thoughts: teeth, ours and critters’.

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    • Sometimes I really struggle clearing my mind…other times I’m able to totally relax. Mental flapping is what I call it. Seems when I need it the most, the more I hear clanging. Practice, practice, practice


  2. Night time on the deck….one of my favorite things.
    Teeth…I am finding myself looking at the teeth of ppl my age, wondering if they’re real or not. The perfect ones never are. We will lose our dental coverage in 2 years when my husband retires and I’ve had so many dental problems, I’m starting to think if they’re gonna go please do it before we lose that. BUT Idk if I could stand a denture plate in my mouth, so maybe I’ll just be one of those ppl who say, keep the front ones going, nobody sees the back anyway so I’ll learn to chew in the front? lol Idk…hate dental stuff. Hope your hubby’s surgery has a successful outcome!

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