So far…the camping trip from Hell

Even Frannie is in the fetal position.

We decided to leave home later for our trip to Red Rock Lake in Central Iowa.  2 instead of noon so we wouldn’t have to set up camp in the baking sun at 95 degrees.  

We left at 2.  Made it to the end of the street and turned too close to the stop sign…brushed against it but it took out the largest window in the 5th wheel.  Back around the block.  I started cleaning out glass using a screw driver to,get it out of the window canals while he drove into Lee’s Summit to get plexiglass.  It was hot and we were covered in glass dust, bleeding several places on our arms and hands but my husband can do anything.  He got the plexiglass window in while I vacuumed glass with the shop vac from the inside, the street and the grass.   We left home at 6:09.   Stopped at Bethany, MO for something to eat a little after 8 and found that the running lights on the camper would not work so drove with 4 way flashers on.  Pulled into the pitch black campground around 11….took an hour to back into the site using the light from my cell phone…him driving and me doing a less than stellar job of navigating him in.  We made it and we are all still alive.

Pulled out the vacuum to get the last pieces of glass cleaned up but first decided to walk to the shower house bathroom…tripped over the fire pit…actually landed on top of it then rolled over…damnit….still alive.  Turned on the water pump for,the camper…noticed the fresh water was down 1/4 already…WHAT…valve open on the water heater and water pouring out of it faster than it could fill.

It’s now the next day.

Until next time….

4 thoughts on “So far…the camping trip from Hell

  1. Ugh. Mother Nature and I have never gotten along. Even your black lab had had enough. I know the feeling. Rest and heal from the trauma.

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  2. My gosh! I hope you’re not injured! We always called this “the shakedown cruise” every new boat, or first weekend boat trip of the season. It’s the learning curve trip. Hope the remainder is uneventful!

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  3. Thank goodness you got all the crisis out of the way in such a short amount of time!!

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  4. Wow! Must’ve felt really good to climb into bed. Hope you’re not feeling your fall too much today. That’s pretty amazing that your husband could replace that window!! Hope the rest of your trip is uneventful and relaxing!!

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