Saturday at the campground

It was hot and muggy.  We spent the entire day inside with air conditioning.  I apologize to all of the campers in the 80s and 90s who I silently berated.  The ones in the sleek motor homes and 5th wheels who stayed inside from the heat all day and who had the look of fear when we pulled in beside them with our Clampett trailer.  *severe eye roll.  It is so much fun to sit in the heat with the sweat dripping, yelling at the kids wishing they would just sit down and relax.

Old friends, Tom and Rhonda Stoller, came down from Collins.  I’m without words to describe how good it was to see them. We had many adventures together…burning standing trees, trips to the ER, Okoboji grill just to name a few of our twice a week adventures.  Then came Suzy and her friend, our new friend, Dana.  We meshed like we had all known each other for years….especially with a little of Rhonda’s moonshine on board.

Kept him up 3 hours past his bedtime…but we could have laughed and talked all night!

Kate and Adam are on their way for today’s adventures….and it is starting out even hotter.

Until next time.

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