We are embracing spring and flowers this week and it makes me very happy!  We are fortunate to live about 15 minutes from Powell Gardens where there is always something In Bloom.

I really only took pictures of Iris yesterday….but there were many beautiful plants and trees in bloom.  We will probably go back next week so we can experience all of the Iris blooming.

On the way home we stopped at Colonia Nursery and bought some pampas grass.  It’s been something I’ve wanted for many years…also bought some annuals for some pops of color.  I’ve put some new perennials in this year.

And then annuals as perennials?  Missouri winters are obviously warm enough to not totally kill seeds from annuals.  Last year I had some marigolds come back and they were larger and heartier than I’ve ever had before.  This year….the petunias….

The petunias in the bottom right and left corners came back from last year, I thinned half of them out and the bottom picture just the one on the lower left corner.  This is such a sweet surprise… I’ll be anxious to see how well they do this year

Jax will be 3 tomorrow.  I’m looking forward to a full family weekend.

Until next time…..

3 thoughts on “Petunia

  1. The flowers are so pretty. I don’t have a green thumb, but I appreciate beauty and boy is this the time of year for it.

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  2. a full family weekend…that always scares me…I have one coming up with Mom’s side of the family in July…I have not seen most of them in two years. We missed last years reunion due to scheduling issues. I’m sure that news has reached them about my coming out party at church in November thru my cousins and aunts. It will be interesting.

    Wish Jax a happy birthday for me. If he doesn’t know who I am. show him that pic of me in the gay groomsman outfit. It might scare him, but he’ll have to man up sometime. There is probably a woman in his future that will make him wear one.

    Hope you have a good time and be glad it’s not the Meachams’ coming to your house.

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