Mediterranean pasta in bed…..

Ok…so I had a hankering for this pasta a couple of days ago…like I used to get at Okoboji Grill in Newton….I mentioned it when he went to the when I got home from work last night, I found that he outdid himself….it was amazing. It made me forgive him for passing on this head cold from earlier this week. I’m in bed today..Jenny is keeping Peanut home so I’m going to snooze and watch daytime TV…I already had the leftover Mediterranean pasta for breakfast/lunch while laying in bed…because I can.

Things that are irritating me today…thick throat, sneezing, headache, the angst over Colorado pot, the misunderstandings about electronic cigs and loudmouth misstatements about them, Kristin Chenoweths baby voice and all of this horrible misinformation about the missing plane…

Until next time….

A different morning….

I couldn’t sleep last night so stayed up until 0200 watching TV with my blue tooth head phones on.  Best invention since sliced white bread!  Normally…with this new faggled TV….I have to turn the volume way up because the speakers are in the back and I just can’t hear it.  The Dish guy sold us a couple pairs of headphones…so now I don’t have to buy the surround sound bar or anything else.  I can just put on those headphones and hear surround sound and not hear when anyone else in the room is trying to outthink the writers and tell me what he thinks is going to happen.  So…I was tired this morning but woke up at 8, rolled over and checked facebook on my IPAD to see what was going on with everyone.  Had a little conversation with the BFF on facebook message then just layed there looking out the window waiting for him to get back with Peanut.


As I’ve said before…it is not lost on me how lucky I am to be able to retire at 58 and get to babysit my grandson 3 days a week and have this good life.  Lots of angst in the past…wish my life could have been a little easier and less stressful but if I had to go thru it to get to live this…I wouldn’t change a thing.

My friend Tracy…TLM000 frequently takes a moment, goes thru her pictures and posts the ones she hasn’t posted before…I like that she does today I’m going to try to let the pictures tell the story of what I’ve been doing for the last couple of days.

Took a walk – a long walk in the neighborhood…Tree up on the corner in the neighbor’s yard.


He has been sick with a head cold for 3 days so we took a short road trip yesterday..ended up at a lake on the Kansas Side about 20 minutes from Olathe.  Has a wonderful marina…and campgrounds..could this be our new red rock?


We couldn’t get over how green the grass was where they burned it off in the fall


On our way home, we stopped at an antique shop in Greenwood – a few minutes from home – to pick up some chalk paint…and I found this.


I put it here


There are some who don’t like it…I won’t name names…but this view at night may have changed their minds.


It was a fun day.  It seems that peanut has started the roomba and is screaming as he does every day he is here…just has to do it.  Gpa is out in the kitchen saying…you know it is going to scare you…it makes me snicker…not really – Jenny…I’m rushing in there now to comfort him from the trauma.

Until next time…..

Wow….stricken this morning with an awww hawww moment

I am known by family to be a certified bitch in the morning…this tag first appeared on the first morning that I woke up.  March 10, 1956.  When I get out of bed in the morning.  I demand alone time….alone in my own head. Don’t talk to me, don’t look at me, don’t engage me, don’t invade my space just leave me alone.  Does this seem like too much to ask for.  NO as a matter of fact it isn’t.  Helen (my mother for you new readers) was one of those people who jumped out of bed and was ready for someone to talk to her.  GOOD MORNING SWEETHEART was my morning greeting…even when I let her know that I’m just not a morning person and prefer the quiet.  As I grew into a teenager, Good Morning Sweetheart grew into a challenge from her…always followed by the little giggle and the demand that I engage her.  I married a happy morning man and I bore one morning hater and one semi morning hater.  This could be the end of the story but no one (him) talked to me this morning and the light bulb flashed  58 years and 16 mornings after my birth.

From the moment I open my eyes until I’ve been awake approximately 1 hour, I think deeply, I plan, I analyze.  The time when I do my analogical reasoning.  It popped into my head this morning – does this have something to do with waking up following a night of dreaming?  I’ve always said that my morning shower is where I formulate my daily blog.  As I drive to work it plays out in my mind and when I would sit down at the radio console, the words flowed.  If I don’t get the blog written in the early morning, chances are I won’t do it because the words have boiled in water too long and just mash themselves.

So I’m feeling very inspired this morning…I’ve determined in my own mind that I’m brilliant in the morning and I’m not a true bitch….

Until next time….

Did you know that when your blood rushes into a tube it foams…

For you facebook friends, you may already know this little fact…but since my last doctor appointment, I’m 1 inch taller.  Really, probably only 1/2 inch because the last doctor’s office measured me at about 60.5 but I told her that I have always been 5’4.  This morning – who is to argue with the doctor’s office.  I established myself with a new doctor in Pleasant Hill for just in case…plus I needed my B/P pills renewed…as the nurse called me in, she told me to just walk down the hall until I got to the black square on the floor in the corner…then she said that black square doesn’t do anything other than mark the end of the hallway.  Ya.  I called BS right away.  The way I see it…if I’m actually growing taller then eventually I will be synced with the healthy weight chart for my height.

Also…there is nothing better for the stress level of going to a new doc than to have the auto B/P machine take my pressure then start up again and go higher and squeeze tighter and the nurse saying.  Hmmmm it must be high.  Hello..calm down, breath deep…calm down…everything was just fine!!!!!!6

Received some encouragement on the business from the Doc this morning.  She asked me what I was doing since I retired and I told her we had opened an E-Cig store to help people get off the smokes.  She took down information and said she would send some folks our way.  Yay for Vapur of Lee’s Summit.

On to A T & T to get specific information on their advertised family plan.  The deal is – the only customers who will actually gain with this plan are A T & T customers with an A T & T phone…otherwise you have to buy a phone which racks up another $40 per phone per month  to the contract.  Probably about the same I pay for U S Cellular. I already know the blood suckers at Verizon won’t do any better…

He’s working and I’m doing chores and house cleaning.  He will never believe it after he reads this but I will be way to exhausted to cook tonight…so we may have to order in….we can do that now that we live in town like normal people.  YAY

Until next time….

It’s our Monday

He and I are working in the shop together today…He was sure surprised to learn that I made tuna salad In his coffee cup yesterday…it is an awesome way to start the morning with some laughter!

I remember when I was in grade school, I forgot to wear green on St Patricks day….I was devastated….but I did have some kind of green design on my undies…that is where I probably lost my inhibitions about talking about some things that others may be more modest. Of course these were the days little girls could not wear pants to school…and should your mother send you in trousers under your coat, you had better get them off and into your locker before the bell rang. This mentality just makes me mad considering what is accepted dress code now. I’ve always thought the Catholics were on to something with their uniforms! forgive the tangent there…just Happy St Patricks Day to you.

Until next time….

Totally different perspective….

For the last few years, I’ve been bouncing back and forth in my little mind the discontent and then the content of letting my hair grow naturally white/gray.  I think it all came out in one word to Justin today just before he added color to my personality…I was apathetic.  I had suffered the depression, I had gained so much weight, the daily stress of my job totally weighed me down…it wasn’t exactly the day to day work, it was trying to be polite, professional and nice to the numerous dirt bag/assholes that called 911.  I am not speaking of the regular people that needed help – these are the dirt bags…no other way to put it…and you will not totally understand what I’m talking about unless you have dealt with them in some type of service career.  I was angry and I had totally given up on myself…it was too much work.  Apathy is an illness.  My retirement is exactly what I needed to heal the apathy.

Anyway…loving the hair…kind of a warm caramel.  Stopped at Sephora on my way home to pickup foundation for my face – picked up a couple of shirts and some jeans…if you are “him” reading this…I got them all free or at least on sale – you won’t recognize them anyway because I’ve had them forever.  I really wanted to stop somewhere and get my nails done but hadn’t shaved my legs and I was warned about that by Kate a couple of years ago….

Until next time….

I retired one month ago today…

and I’m exhausted.  We left Newton that night – he drove the Penske truck and I drove the cats  It seems like soooo long ago.  I think it is safe to say that we are officially moved in…there are lots of totes of stuff in the basement but they can wait for another day, another life, the girls may need the adventure if I die before it is done?  Damn…that almost makes me sound healthy!

We immediately started working the Vapur of Lee’s Summit shop.  It is a business that we started with our oldest daughter and husband along with his parents.  Our main goal other than making retirement money is to get folks off the smokes.  Once we got the sign up and the public found us, business has grown every day.  I know the media has done what the media does and tried to damage the E Cig reputation but the facts and the success people are having speaks for itself.

We are babysitting three days a week.  We are very lucky to be able to watch him grow up – we get to witness the growth spurts and seeing him every week means I get to see his mother and father every week…especially his mother because she never gets tired of hearing my opinion.

All in all – the month is good.  My son in law is cutting my hair tomorrow and I’m getting color.  Have decided to go ahead and cover that gray.

Until next time….