It’s our Monday

He and I are working in the shop together today…He was sure surprised to learn that I made tuna salad In his coffee cup yesterday…it is an awesome way to start the morning with some laughter!

I remember when I was in grade school, I forgot to wear green on St Patricks day….I was devastated….but I did have some kind of green design on my undies…that is where I probably lost my inhibitions about talking about some things that others may be more modest. Of course these were the days little girls could not wear pants to school…and should your mother send you in trousers under your coat, you had better get them off and into your locker before the bell rang. This mentality just makes me mad considering what is accepted dress code now. I’ve always thought the Catholics were on to something with their uniforms! forgive the tangent there…just Happy St Patricks Day to you.

Until next time….

6 thoughts on “It’s our Monday

  1. Paddy staggered home from the pub Friday night after a long bout of drinking with his friends. He had a whiskey bottle in each back pocket. When he got home he was extra quiet so as not to wake his saintly wife Mary. He crept in quietly and tiptoed toward the stairs. In his stupor, he misjudged the height of the first step and fell over backward, crushing the bottles in his back pockets. The glass did quite a bit of damage to poor Paddy’s butt cheeks, so he went and got a box of band aids to patch himself up. In front of the hall way mirror, he dropped his pants and applied the band aids as best he could and then went off to bed as quietly as possible.

    In the morning when he woke, his head hurt and his butt hurt, but he went down to the kitchen for breakfast anyway. When he arrived, there stood Mary in the kitchen with her arms crossed and an angry look on her face.

    “Paddy, you came home stinkin drunk again last night didn’t you?”, said Mary to her hung over husband.

    “How could ya say such a mean thing Darlin” Paddy answered.

    To which Mary replied, “Could it be the front door hanging open? Could it be the trail of blood through the house? Or maybe your pants in the hall way? Or was it all those band aids carefully applied to the hall way mirror?”


  2. What do you call an Irishman that lays around the backyard? Paddy O’Furniture


  3. So is there a substitute for tuna or do I want to know?


    • No, I don’t think there is. I would probably do chopped up tofu to get that kind of consistency. Wouldn’t taste like tuna though. Would taste more like Egg Salad.


  4. Happy St Patricks day chica! Tuna Coffee really doesn’t sound very appealing. I use to enjoy the heck out of tuna salad. One of those things that you really don’t want to translate to vegetarian. I did see that my favorite fake meat maker just came out with a fake fish fillet, I’m a little frightened to try it. That was a lot of f’s in that sentence!


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