Did you know that when your blood rushes into a tube it foams…

For you facebook friends, you may already know this little fact…but since my last doctor appointment, I’m 1 inch taller.  Really, probably only 1/2 inch because the last doctor’s office measured me at about 60.5 but I told her that I have always been 5’4.  This morning – who is to argue with the doctor’s office.  I established myself with a new doctor in Pleasant Hill for just in case…plus I needed my B/P pills renewed…as the nurse called me in, she told me to just walk down the hall until I got to the black square on the floor in the corner…then she said that black square doesn’t do anything other than mark the end of the hallway.  Ya.  I called BS right away.  The way I see it…if I’m actually growing taller then eventually I will be synced with the healthy weight chart for my height.

Also…there is nothing better for the stress level of going to a new doc than to have the auto B/P machine take my pressure then start up again and go higher and squeeze tighter and the nurse saying.  Hmmmm it must be high.  Hello..calm down, breath deep…calm down…everything was just fine!!!!!!6

Received some encouragement on the business from the Doc this morning.  She asked me what I was doing since I retired and I told her we had opened an E-Cig store to help people get off the smokes.  She took down information and said she would send some folks our way.  Yay for Vapur of Lee’s Summit.

On to A T & T to get specific information on their advertised family plan.  The deal is – the only customers who will actually gain with this plan are A T & T customers with an A T & T phone…otherwise you have to buy a phone which racks up another $40 per phone per month  to the contract.  Probably about the same I pay for U S Cellular. I already know the blood suckers at Verizon won’t do any better…

He’s working and I’m doing chores and house cleaning.  He will never believe it after he reads this but I will be way to exhausted to cook tonight…so we may have to order in….we can do that now that we live in town like normal people.  YAY

Until next time….

5 thoughts on “Did you know that when your blood rushes into a tube it foams…

  1. Last time I went to Dr. they said I shrunk. 1 whole inch! Dang. I liked being kind of tallish….but I’m going the other way now. Good luck with your business!


  2. oops. I thought I did. I go by Grandma right now…that may change depending on what he likes 🙂 Phil is Grandpa. The other side chose Granny and Papaw.


  3. I’m not a big olive fan but in limited quantity they add a special something to a pizza. I like sausage, mushroom, onion and green peppers. That is heavenly. Not sure what we will do tonight but enjoy your pizza.

    And did you ever tell me your grandmother title?


  4. I’m thinking pizza . I’ve developed an addiction to green olives on pizza. I’ve actually taken my jar with me in my purse when we go out for pizza. Not sure what is going on with that! 🙂


  5. The last couple of times I have gone to the doctor and been measured, I am shorter. No fair. I think they are doing it wrong. No way I am 5’3″.

    I still have to figure what we will do for our phones. I hate them. I wish we could just get rid of them.

    I think we are eating out tonight. The kids won’t be home. Not sure what we will get. What will you get?


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