Wow….stricken this morning with an awww hawww moment

I am known by family to be a certified bitch in the morning…this tag first appeared on the first morning that I woke up.  March 10, 1956.  When I get out of bed in the morning.  I demand alone time….alone in my own head. Don’t talk to me, don’t look at me, don’t engage me, don’t invade my space just leave me alone.  Does this seem like too much to ask for.  NO as a matter of fact it isn’t.  Helen (my mother for you new readers) was one of those people who jumped out of bed and was ready for someone to talk to her.  GOOD MORNING SWEETHEART was my morning greeting…even when I let her know that I’m just not a morning person and prefer the quiet.  As I grew into a teenager, Good Morning Sweetheart grew into a challenge from her…always followed by the little giggle and the demand that I engage her.  I married a happy morning man and I bore one morning hater and one semi morning hater.  This could be the end of the story but no one (him) talked to me this morning and the light bulb flashed  58 years and 16 mornings after my birth.

From the moment I open my eyes until I’ve been awake approximately 1 hour, I think deeply, I plan, I analyze.  The time when I do my analogical reasoning.  It popped into my head this morning – does this have something to do with waking up following a night of dreaming?  I’ve always said that my morning shower is where I formulate my daily blog.  As I drive to work it plays out in my mind and when I would sit down at the radio console, the words flowed.  If I don’t get the blog written in the early morning, chances are I won’t do it because the words have boiled in water too long and just mash themselves.

So I’m feeling very inspired this morning…I’ve determined in my own mind that I’m brilliant in the morning and I’m not a true bitch….

Until next time….

5 thoughts on “Wow….stricken this morning with an awww hawww moment

  1. yes they are! You do always seem to be contemplating 🙂


  2. Perhaps you should just stay in bed for an hour after you wake up. Then no one would have to endure your unpleasantness.

    I have always thought it would be nice if people only talked to me when I asked them something. But I live in a real world where people are likely to talk to me at anytime. While that is a major disappointment for me on a daily basis, it is the reality of the situation. I am always in deep thought and planning mode and I think it’s really rude that those outside of my head would interfere with that. They simply need to comply. But again, the world does not work that way. I guess people are just inconsiderate.


  3. Holy Toledo! You gals scare me! I am not a morning fan but if I have had enough sleep, I am okay.

    I do get your morning planning routine but I don’t think I have ever lived with anyone who wouldn’t talk in the morning.

    Yeah for your epiphany, Nina!


  4. It’s funny, but this topic has come up in conversation at least three times in the last week in my little world. I am NOT a morning person. I only need 30 minutes but for those 30 minutes I am not a person anyone should talk to, or frankly even make eye contact with. I picture my day during this time and make sure all my bases are covered. Sadly for those around me, I have absolutely no internal filters in the morning and will say the most horrible mean things if you try to talk to me, or if you touch me. Uhg. JUST LEAVE ME ALONE!
    Neither of my kids wants to be spoken to the in the morning either. My husband wakes up and starts singing through the house like he’s Cinderella. Crazy ass man.


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