A different morning….

I couldn’t sleep last night so stayed up until 0200 watching TV with my blue tooth head phones on.  Best invention since sliced white bread!  Normally…with this new faggled TV….I have to turn the volume way up because the speakers are in the back and I just can’t hear it.  The Dish guy sold us a couple pairs of headphones…so now I don’t have to buy the surround sound bar or anything else.  I can just put on those headphones and hear surround sound and not hear when anyone else in the room is trying to outthink the writers and tell me what he thinks is going to happen.  So…I was tired this morning but woke up at 8, rolled over and checked facebook on my IPAD to see what was going on with everyone.  Had a little conversation with the BFF on facebook message then just layed there looking out the window waiting for him to get back with Peanut.


As I’ve said before…it is not lost on me how lucky I am to be able to retire at 58 and get to babysit my grandson 3 days a week and have this good life.  Lots of angst in the past…wish my life could have been a little easier and less stressful but if I had to go thru it to get to live this…I wouldn’t change a thing.

My friend Tracy…TLM000 frequently takes a moment, goes thru her pictures and posts the ones she hasn’t posted before…I like that she does that..so today I’m going to try to let the pictures tell the story of what I’ve been doing for the last couple of days.

Took a walk – a long walk in the neighborhood…Tree up on the corner in the neighbor’s yard.


He has been sick with a head cold for 3 days so we took a short road trip yesterday..ended up at a lake on the Kansas Side about 20 minutes from Olathe.  Has a wonderful marina…and campgrounds..could this be our new red rock?


We couldn’t get over how green the grass was where they burned it off in the fall


On our way home, we stopped at an antique shop in Greenwood – a few minutes from home – to pick up some chalk paint…and I found this.


I put it here


There are some who don’t like it…I won’t name names…but this view at night may have changed their minds.


It was a fun day.  It seems that peanut has started the roomba and is screaming as he does every day he is here…just has to do it.  Gpa is out in the kitchen saying…you know it is going to scare you…it makes me snicker…not really – Jenny…I’m rushing in there now to comfort him from the trauma.

Until next time…..

3 thoughts on “A different morning….

  1. There wasn’t a deep voice coming out of that thing telling you to go to Egypt was there? Moses is probably wondering how his burning bush ended up on your wall. I think you better send it back to Mt Sinai. You don’t want to piss off Yaweh. Another thing to keep in mind; if you keep it, you might not want to put a golden calf on your knick knack shelf either. I’m just saying….

    Have you always been Jewish?


  2. I like your trip through the pictures! Three days a week is probably about perfect.
    The roomba story really made me laugh. I can totally see it in my head. 🙂
    I’m glad you are liking your life. You deserve to be happy and peaceful and just basking in how wonderful things can be.


  3. We have that issue with a couple of our TVs. So aggravating.

    You seem to have settled into your new life. I am so happy for you. You have a lot to deal with in the past. This new life seems so happy.

    I am envious of what looks like warm weather. It is still very chilly here. Boo!

    I love your new objet d’art! I don’t think my other half would like it so much. It seems very mid-century. Enjoy it!

    How wonderful that you are able to spend so much time with your grandbaby. Treasure each moment!


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