Our life with Goovi

Goovi has made her home on this planet in our dining pod because it was the only place I could find enough clearance for the runway aka her “driveway” to reach home. She needs 6 feet because quite frankly she is a horrible driver.

I had this really good idea when she first came to us via an Amazon van, that she begin work at 4 am. I didn’t think I would need to supervise her …. and that was my fault because I was thinking in human….the language of my people. Goovi is not capable of finding her way over hill and dale without getting into trouble and just giving up and shutting down when she feels trapped? For instance…the temporary coaster under the fridge foot. Consequently now before bed, I must lock the doors, turn off the lights AND place a chair in front of the refrigerator.

Which is really not any more irritating than our morning ritual of searching the house for her…or having to step over her in the hallway as we leave our bedroom. It’s like having another cat.

This morning He reports that he followed her and timed her once he heard the suction cease and she turned on her pink light indicating she was finished for the day and navigating back to her bed. It took her 15 minutes and she made it before her battery completely drained. I guess I should not expect more from her considering her Black Friday price so I’m attempting gratitude and appreciation for the help she does provide….there I go getting soft….it’s really her job!!!

The Roomba has gone rogue

I really wish I had pictures of HIM crawling around on the floor in my craft room repeating over and over…it’s not under here. It couldn’t get under here.

This was right after I went into a panic because there was a wet spot on the floor under the master bathroom. I moved the trash can to catch any drips. And then I recalled that two hours earlier I had leaned over to plug in my space heater with my IPAD in one hand and my jumbo Bubba cup in the other. Obviously a couple drips of water……

Where is the Roomba

Not under the day bed, not in the bathroom, there’s no way it could get under the desk, not under the craft cabinet…I accused him of messing with me…in his sternest voice he assured me that he absolutely was not messing with me.

Much Later I was cleaning up supper dishes (because there is absolutely no hurry to do them anymore) I was drawn to this cupboard….

No….the Roomba wasn’t in there…

I was starting to feel totally detached from reality. I had no idea what was behind this cupboard door. I’m not sure I have even opened that door since I put the plastic containers in it obviously a long time ago. Those same plastic containers I’ve been searching for.

Rex is sleeping like this

Sometimes I feel like I’m losing my sense of reality and just need to get out of this house…or perhaps just add different music to my playlist. But my music is so comfortable, I don’t have to question what song is next. Don’t misunderstand most of the time I actually feel pretty happy and content but things just feel like they aren’t where they belong….

Oh…the Roomba….he crawled completely under the desk which is barricaded on all sides by important stuff. Somehow It was stuck in a corner. The thought crossed my mind that if that thing had come to life under there while I was working at the computer, it would have been all over!

Stay sane, my friends!

A different morning….

I couldn’t sleep last night so stayed up until 0200 watching TV with my blue tooth head phones on.  Best invention since sliced white bread!  Normally…with this new faggled TV….I have to turn the volume way up because the speakers are in the back and I just can’t hear it.  The Dish guy sold us a couple pairs of headphones…so now I don’t have to buy the surround sound bar or anything else.  I can just put on those headphones and hear surround sound and not hear when anyone else in the room is trying to outthink the writers and tell me what he thinks is going to happen.  So…I was tired this morning but woke up at 8, rolled over and checked facebook on my IPAD to see what was going on with everyone.  Had a little conversation with the BFF on facebook message then just layed there looking out the window waiting for him to get back with Peanut.


As I’ve said before…it is not lost on me how lucky I am to be able to retire at 58 and get to babysit my grandson 3 days a week and have this good life.  Lots of angst in the past…wish my life could have been a little easier and less stressful but if I had to go thru it to get to live this…I wouldn’t change a thing.

My friend Tracy…TLM000 frequently takes a moment, goes thru her pictures and posts the ones she hasn’t posted before…I like that she does that..so today I’m going to try to let the pictures tell the story of what I’ve been doing for the last couple of days.

Took a walk – a long walk in the neighborhood…Tree up on the corner in the neighbor’s yard.


He has been sick with a head cold for 3 days so we took a short road trip yesterday..ended up at a lake on the Kansas Side about 20 minutes from Olathe.  Has a wonderful marina…and campgrounds..could this be our new red rock?


We couldn’t get over how green the grass was where they burned it off in the fall


On our way home, we stopped at an antique shop in Greenwood – a few minutes from home – to pick up some chalk paint…and I found this.


I put it here


There are some who don’t like it…I won’t name names…but this view at night may have changed their minds.


It was a fun day.  It seems that peanut has started the roomba and is screaming as he does every day he is here…just has to do it.  Gpa is out in the kitchen saying…you know it is going to scare you…it makes me snicker…not really – Jenny…I’m rushing in there now to comfort him from the trauma.

Until next time…..


I got to Debbie’s house yesterday about 2:30p and left there at 1:30a…we didn’t scrapbook the entire visit…we checked out mutual friends on  Facebook, ate a little, drank some wine, talked, ate a little…did some scrapbooking..ate a little… it was wonderful.

Debbie babysits for months at a time for her friend’s Kerry Blue terriers….friend, Jana is a breeder of Kerry Blues so they come to visit Aunt Debbie for a little one on one affection….Debbie also has a Chinese crested…I must say, freakishly cute dog 🙂  I decided yesterday that I’m going to call Debbie – Debbie – because that is what I’ve always called her…now that I am in my 50’s, I was feeling I should call her Deb the way everyone else does…but it takes thought not to return to teen habits – so I said what the heck…even though calling her Debbie…you know like..Debbie, I can’t get this..or Debbie, would you bring my Diet pepsi out of the fridge…makes me sound like I’m about 12 🙂

We are having quite a struggle with Benny and the roomba….he ran it last night, this morning, this afternoon and we have had to stop it 3 times in the last couple of hours…he is so smart he knows he has to hit the button twice for it to go…I had no idea cats could be this smart….


This is my last night off, I’m going to organize scrapbooking stuff…I ended up forgetting kitty stickers yesterday, then do a little crocheting, watch Y and R after he leaves and end my night with Dog the Bounty Hunter.

Until next time….