I got to Debbie’s house yesterday about 2:30p and left there at 1:30a…we didn’t scrapbook the entire visit…we checked out mutual friends on  Facebook, ate a little, drank some wine, talked, ate a little…did some scrapbooking..ate a little… it was wonderful.

Debbie babysits for months at a time for her friend’s Kerry Blue terriers….friend, Jana is a breeder of Kerry Blues so they come to visit Aunt Debbie for a little one on one affection….Debbie also has a Chinese crested…I must say, freakishly cute dog 🙂  I decided yesterday that I’m going to call Debbie – Debbie – because that is what I’ve always called her…now that I am in my 50’s, I was feeling I should call her Deb the way everyone else does…but it takes thought not to return to teen habits – so I said what the heck…even though calling her Debbie…you know like..Debbie, I can’t get this..or Debbie, would you bring my Diet pepsi out of the fridge…makes me sound like I’m about 12 🙂

We are having quite a struggle with Benny and the roomba….he ran it last night, this morning, this afternoon and we have had to stop it 3 times in the last couple of hours…he is so smart he knows he has to hit the button twice for it to go…I had no idea cats could be this smart….


This is my last night off, I’m going to organize scrapbooking stuff…I ended up forgetting kitty stickers yesterday, then do a little crocheting, watch Y and R after he leaves and end my night with Dog the Bounty Hunter.

Until next time….

2 thoughts on “Debbie

  1. OMG How funny he has learned how to run the roomba!  HAHAHAHA!  Now if you could teach him to use the toilet and flush or maybe to cook or pour a glass of wine you’d be all set!


  2. Kitty just wants to earn his keep!  Maybe you could parley this into learning how to mow grass. 


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