give it to mom, she’ll use it….

I was looking in the mirror in the bathroom a few minutes ago and noticed my developing marionette lines on my lower face. I decided to try some Ayurvedic formula wrinkle serum that my oldest daughter passed down to me. It was more like…hey Mom, I have this wrinkle serum that causes my face to itch, do you want to try it?

Even though I have no illusions that any ointment, serum or lotions are actually going to prevent wrinkles from forming, I said yes. Full disclosure…I know what is causing the thin skin on my forearms and the new developing wrinkles on my face.

1. No sunscreen

2. My age

3 no sunscreen

I actually laughed out loud as I looked to my right and sitting on the edge of the tub was a bottle of great smelling exfoliating, salt (feels like sand) that my younger daughter bought but wasn’t thrilled with. Hey Mom, do you want this exfoliating grit. (Not her real words). And the visit the time before, she sent me home with some lavender moisturizing oil…Hey Mom…..

Which took me back to the Life Cereal commercial from the 70’s…one of the longest continuously running commercial campaigns ever aired.

….and there you have it. Changes needed to be made when my life became reruns of TV commercials…so I got the Britbox and Acorn TV apps and now I speak with a British accent… much I love the term, Wanker, at a later time.

Okay…someone explain this to me because I’m dissatisfied!

When I lived in Iowa.  Dr Phil was going from channel 8 – CBS to channel 5 – ABC.  When I finally changed over to the Kansas City station – Dr Phil is still on CBS.  Live with whats-her-name and Michael Strahan were on CBS or ABC in Iowa…here they are on FOX.  Don’t these networks own these shows?  Like Letterman is CBS everywhere or are they up for grabs for whoever wants them.  I always wondered why Bob Schieffer always said – some of our stations will be leaving us – but we will be back for more Face the Nation…what station would not carry all of Face the Nation?  wait wait…I know.  The Kansas City station because they have to put some local news fluff programming on Sunday morning – so Face the Nation is only a half hour.  Do you know how much this irritates me?

The following doesn’t need to be explained to me….&$@(* CBS cancelled Battlecreek – we love that quirky show but they are renewing Two Broke Girls….because people love idiot young women with back to back sexual innuendos and dark lipstick?  I say I don’t get it but it is just a phrase to use so I don’t have to use expletives.  Mad Men is over, Revenge is over, Brian Williams is gone, Bob Schieffer is retiring, David Letterman is retiring, Oprah is gone….next season Downton Abby will be finished.  Guess I’ll go read a book!  But they end too!


Suppose to clear off this afternoon and evening.  All three Kansas City Vapur shops – owners and fantastic staff – are going to the Royals game at the K tonight. I’m sure there will be pictures tomorrow of all of us in our Vapur at the K 2015 t shirts.  I’m very excited.  This will be my first Royals game…and what makes it very nostalgic and almost makes me teary with excitement…its an American League – National League game and the Royals are playing my beloved Cincinnati Reds!  The only thing that could make this better is if Gena and Groundhog could be there with us too!!!!

Until next time…..

A different morning….

I couldn’t sleep last night so stayed up until 0200 watching TV with my blue tooth head phones on.  Best invention since sliced white bread!  Normally…with this new faggled TV….I have to turn the volume way up because the speakers are in the back and I just can’t hear it.  The Dish guy sold us a couple pairs of headphones…so now I don’t have to buy the surround sound bar or anything else.  I can just put on those headphones and hear surround sound and not hear when anyone else in the room is trying to outthink the writers and tell me what he thinks is going to happen.  So…I was tired this morning but woke up at 8, rolled over and checked facebook on my IPAD to see what was going on with everyone.  Had a little conversation with the BFF on facebook message then just layed there looking out the window waiting for him to get back with Peanut.


As I’ve said before…it is not lost on me how lucky I am to be able to retire at 58 and get to babysit my grandson 3 days a week and have this good life.  Lots of angst in the past…wish my life could have been a little easier and less stressful but if I had to go thru it to get to live this…I wouldn’t change a thing.

My friend Tracy…TLM000 frequently takes a moment, goes thru her pictures and posts the ones she hasn’t posted before…I like that she does today I’m going to try to let the pictures tell the story of what I’ve been doing for the last couple of days.

Took a walk – a long walk in the neighborhood…Tree up on the corner in the neighbor’s yard.


He has been sick with a head cold for 3 days so we took a short road trip yesterday..ended up at a lake on the Kansas Side about 20 minutes from Olathe.  Has a wonderful marina…and campgrounds..could this be our new red rock?


We couldn’t get over how green the grass was where they burned it off in the fall


On our way home, we stopped at an antique shop in Greenwood – a few minutes from home – to pick up some chalk paint…and I found this.


I put it here


There are some who don’t like it…I won’t name names…but this view at night may have changed their minds.


It was a fun day.  It seems that peanut has started the roomba and is screaming as he does every day he is here…just has to do it.  Gpa is out in the kitchen saying…you know it is going to scare you…it makes me snicker…not really – Jenny…I’m rushing in there now to comfort him from the trauma.

Until next time…..