Okay…someone explain this to me because I’m dissatisfied!

When I lived in Iowa.  Dr Phil was going from channel 8 – CBS to channel 5 – ABC.  When I finally changed over to the Kansas City station – Dr Phil is still on CBS.  Live with whats-her-name and Michael Strahan were on CBS or ABC in Iowa…here they are on FOX.  Don’t these networks own these shows?  Like Letterman is CBS everywhere or are they up for grabs for whoever wants them.  I always wondered why Bob Schieffer always said – some of our stations will be leaving us – but we will be back for more Face the Nation…what station would not carry all of Face the Nation?  wait wait…I know.  The Kansas City station because they have to put some local news fluff programming on Sunday morning – so Face the Nation is only a half hour.  Do you know how much this irritates me?

The following doesn’t need to be explained to me….&$@(* CBS cancelled Battlecreek – we love that quirky show but they are renewing Two Broke Girls….because people love idiot young women with back to back sexual innuendos and dark lipstick?  I say I don’t get it but it is just a phrase to use so I don’t have to use expletives.  Mad Men is over, Revenge is over, Brian Williams is gone, Bob Schieffer is retiring, David Letterman is retiring, Oprah is gone….next season Downton Abby will be finished.  Guess I’ll go read a book!  But they end too!


Suppose to clear off this afternoon and evening.  All three Kansas City Vapur shops – owners and fantastic staff – are going to the Royals game at the K tonight. I’m sure there will be pictures tomorrow of all of us in our Vapur at the K 2015 t shirts.  I’m very excited.  This will be my first Royals game…and what makes it very nostalgic and almost makes me teary with excitement…its an American League – National League game and the Royals are playing my beloved Cincinnati Reds!  The only thing that could make this better is if Gena and Groundhog could be there with us too!!!!

Until next time…..

3 thoughts on “Okay…someone explain this to me because I’m dissatisfied!

  1. it was cloudy and misty and I couldn’t find dr phil. the tragedies of modern life are too much for me. alas, i am drowning in the existential angst of dissatisfaction. whatever will I do?


  2. oh the horror…you’re dissatisfied…what’s next…disappointment? how can you bear it? Perhaps it’s time to put down the remote and give up the TV…let your head clear from the prepackaged dramas of dr p and judge judy…really, it’s all crap anyway


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