Woke up to a #Royal blue sky this morning


After last night’s amazing Royals win over the Mets.  

I have a deep dislike for the Toronto Blue Jays…the last team the Royals beat…but only for their bad sportsmanship and their ####head Bautista…so imagine the Royals shock when the first pitch from the Mets pitcher once they got to New York was a pitch intentionally straight to the head of our super boy, Escobar.  I was very proud of the Royals players not trash talking about the incident…well, except for this tweeted picture by a fan:
We went to Justin and Jenny’s for a World Series party last night.  We all got a huge laugh at neighbor, Chris who wore her Royals pajamas to the party.  she didn’t wear them Friday night and look what happened.

The father-in-laws don’t even looked stressed when the Royals were behind


Well, one of them looks a little sour!

I hope it is over tonight…I want Chris to be out of her Jammies and Justin can change his T shirt and while I would  like to see the Royals win at home for the fans, I more want to see the Mets lose in front of their own fans!  a little deep down Bitter Ballerina in Ninasusan’s heart!


Until next time….


After two seasons of watching Royals baseball, I feel like I’ve come home to baseball. ¬†I grew up loving baseball and the *whisper….National League Cincinnatti Reds. ¬†I wish I could watch a game with my dad one more time…he taught me well and I soaked in the passion from him.

Baseball fans, like other sports fans, love their respective teams….the reason you adopt one team is personal…perhaps your alma mater or the region/city you live in. ¬†baseball fans fall in love with the players. ¬†It just happens after spending night after night with them…seeing them lose, seeing them win, seeing them play their game or watching the joy of a win. The interviews…oh the interviews…seeing their personalities come out!

I sat on the bed in a hotel room last night and watched the Kansas City Royals suck the life out of the Toronto Blue Jays.  I grinned like an idiot watching the after celebration on the field.

He has become a baseball fan after watching the Royals play. ¬†He may be even more dedicated to them than me. ¬†He watched the joy and the pain all season even when I had to leave the room. ¬†I love his passion for the game. ¬†I wish my dad could be here with us….I think he would be able to root an American League team ‚̧ԳŹ

Until next time….

So we found a farm drive in a rural area of Missouri….

The Royals lost to the Tigers last night but it didn’t really dampen the fun we had at the K. ¬†I kept thinking about my dad and how I would have loved going to a¬†Royals¬†game with him…after I explained why he would have to enter a stadium of a team in the American League. ¬†We almost spent more for food and large waters than we did on the tickets…but I had decided that money was no object last night and was not going to keep me from eating a brat, hot dogs and popcorn….living the dream.

I really wondered if we would pull it out in the ninth inning when the praying mantas flew in and took a seat


I have no idea how the people in the row ahead of him were able to continue watching the game.  I was in the next section and had to keep moving around because it creeped me out so much.

Here’s some pictures of Kauffman Stadium “the K” before and during the game.







Oh, and back to the farm drive. ¬†Preseud Showers. ¬†As soon as we got out of the truck, we heard what I thought was a chorus of frogs…we hopped into the back of the pickup and this cacophony of song? continued…it sounded like frogs…but not Iowa frogs and then we heard a chirp sound…he told me it was just penguins…the longer we sat there in the dark, in the back of the pickup on a dark Missouri road, the creepier I felt until I said..Okay…I’m done…we have to get out of here.

So…back to the home deck where we rolled up blankets to ease our necks and saw a few shooting stars…tonight is supposed to be the best night for viewing…you know where we’ll be.

Until next time…..

Starlight, Starbright, I had better see a shooting star tonight!

Well, we did it again! ¬†It was only¬†two years ago¬†when he and I and the him-in-law layed in the back of a pickup in a farm drive in the country so we could watch the Perseid meteor shower only to learn that it wasn’t right¬†night.


We sat here last night until our necks ached and then I went out again after midnight because I refused to believe that we only saw 3! ¬†We were looking up and we didn’t blink. ¬†Before I went to sleep, I googled to make sure we had the right night and learned that best viewing is in the NE sky. ¬†We were looking up not northeast…can that really make a difference…and I answered myself – apparently!!

We are going to a Royals game tonight.


Surely once we get out of the city after the game, we will be dazzled. ¬†At least I’ll have on my sequined Royals cap so he will see flashes of light.

Its kind of like the week after Christmas…

Before the wedding our friends from Newton, Rod and Kim came for an overnight visit.


I was so looking forward to seeing them…then the weekend in Des Moines with family for the wedding and now I don’t know what to do with myself…sort of lonely. ¬†We took Baxter and Truman to the vet yesterday for their annual shots. ¬†Of course, true to form, Truman had to have a bath when we got home because the car ride stresses him out so much…at least he just peed in his carrier this time…oh…and Howled at the top of his lungs.


He is totally avoiding me today!

Tonight we have the Royals…and the stars!!!!

Until next time….

The funniest thing I heard today, so far….

One of those political pundits tweeted that preparing for the republican debate on Thursday is like preparing for a NASCAR race when you know one driver will be drunk. (Paraphrased). ¬†I laughed out loud when I heard it on Meet the Press…then giggled again when it appeared on Face the Nation. ¬†I will not say that I support Donald Trump but a I will say I’m not as afraid of him as I am Scott walker! ¬†Of course (he is tired of hearing me say) that I won’t get to hear anything else vital to feed my Sunday political appetite because the Kansas City station must only air the first half of Face the Nation because they have to feature the talking head “personalities”? Of the local talking heads and their fluff. ¬†I think I’m going to have to attack them on social media to calm my anger. ¬†SHOCK!

I will also paraphrase the best explanation I’ve received about mentally dealing with my¬†dysfunctional childhood. ¬†I received this bit of wisdom from a friend of 30 years. ¬†She and I worked together for 2 years back in the 80s and lost touch for several years until we found each other on Facebook and have grown our mutual love and respect for each other. ¬†She suggested last night that one of the reasons I continue to occasionally regurgitate my childhood maternal relationship is because I keep asking why. ¬†I’m searching for the WHY for my upbringing. ¬†Why would a mother treat a child the way my mother treated me. ¬†WOW! ¬†I’m feeling confident that I’ve talked and worked my way thru it even as far as forgiving her….but, the WHY is always there. ¬†I’m never going to know why! ¬†I’ve officially made it over another hill! …..and now.

I watch the baseball game on TV.  Go ROYALS,

Until next time…..

Where are my glasses?….


I should keep track some day of the amount of time I spend looking for things…mainly my glasses! ¬†They are always where I left them or the last place I look.

We went to the K (Kauffman Stadium) last night with all of the Vapur stores


…My first time to see the Royals play…he and I had an amazing time. ¬†As I told Brenda this morning, it made the heart feel good. ¬†It was Jax’s first Royals game too. ¬†I had a couple of sentimental moments watching Justin with Jax…taking his boy to his first baseball game, his first tailgate


and his first baseball cap


Grandma Nina got her first official baseball cap too.



As soon as I saw Jenny’s eyeball roll, I knew that the sequined baseball cap was perfect!!!!

I laughed out loud when our niece, Ashley, commented on this picture that at first glance, it looked like he was on fire.


I told her that she obviously didn’t know how hot her uncle is!

Royals played my, now, second most favorite baseball team from the National League, the Cincinnati Reds.  I have now pledged my allegiance from here on for the Royals.  Sorry Daddy!

Until next time…

Okay…someone explain this to me because I’m dissatisfied!

When I lived in Iowa. ¬†Dr Phil was going from channel 8 – CBS to channel 5 – ABC. ¬†When I finally changed over to the Kansas City station – Dr Phil is still on CBS. ¬†Live with whats-her-name and Michael Strahan were on CBS or ABC in Iowa…here they are on FOX. ¬†Don’t these networks own these shows? ¬†Like Letterman is CBS everywhere or are they up for grabs for whoever wants them. ¬†I always wondered why Bob Schieffer always said – some of our stations will be leaving us – but we will be back for more Face the Nation…what station would not carry all of Face the Nation? ¬†wait wait…I know. ¬†The Kansas City station because they have to put some local news fluff programming on Sunday morning – so Face the Nation is only a half hour. ¬†Do you know how much this irritates me?

The following doesn’t need to be explained to me….&$@(* CBS cancelled Battlecreek – we love that quirky show but they are renewing Two Broke Girls….because people love idiot young women with back to back sexual innuendos and dark lipstick? ¬†I say I don’t get it but it is just a phrase to use so I don’t have to use expletives. ¬†Mad Men is over, Revenge is over, Brian Williams is gone, Bob Schieffer is retiring, David Letterman is retiring, Oprah is gone….next season Downton Abby will be finished. ¬†Guess I’ll go read a book! ¬†But they end too!


Suppose to clear off this afternoon and evening. ¬†All three Kansas City Vapur shops – owners and fantastic staff – are going to the Royals game at the K tonight. I’m sure there will be pictures tomorrow of all of us in our Vapur at the K 2015 t shirts. ¬†I’m very excited. ¬†This will be my first Royals game…and what makes it very nostalgic and almost makes me teary with excitement…its an American League – National League game and the Royals are playing my beloved Cincinnati Reds! ¬†The only thing that could make this better is if Gena and Groundhog could be there with us too!!!!

Until next time…..

I’m looking forward to…

Well, it isn’t the snow forecast for the weekend in Kansas City.

The weather will start to warm up next weekend – in the 50’s – it arrives while we are in Belize. Obviously, we didn’t plan that well. ¬†This would have been the week to be gone!

I look forward to camping this summer..Bennett Spring is #1 on my list…I would like to take a camping trip to Glacier National Park in Montana during the sultry days of July. ¬†The first of May looks to be perfect for ¬†3 days in Vegas with some friends from the Sheriff’s Office in Newton. ¬†I’m giddy with excitement to see the other 4 again. ¬†I’m looking forward to Major League Baseball season. ¬†While I’ve had to switch my lifetime allegiance over to the American League from the National League (I will still root for those Cincinnati Reds) but after last years Royal Fever, I know it is not going to be a hard adjustment.



He and I took our taxes to the CPA this past week so while we were close, we decided to drop by the Sports Complex to find our way around.

IMG_2910 IMG_2915 IMG_2919

Which only made me look forward to the NFL season!! ¬†I look forward to spending time with family and friends this summer. I hope to get in a couple of Slipstream concerts. ¬†I can see the Iowa Stair Fair on the agenda. ¬†There is hope……… good Lord willing and the creek don’t rise.

Until next time…..

October has been good other than the political commercials….

I may have mentioned this before, but when we moved to Missouri, Dish TV failed to switch us over to local TV stations..so for the last 8 months, we have been continuing to watch Des Moines local channels. ¬†I have no problem with this other than my oldest daughter lamenting on the fact that I don’t know what is going on in the area and I’m sure she fears I will be the victim of (insert catastrophe) because I’m unaware. ¬†PFFT. ¬†He would like to have Kansas City news too because he wants to know about the weather. ¬†My thought process includes the belief that he gets his weather from a million different sources on the internet and would not be as bright if he watched Dapper Dan radiating personality in front of a green screen. ¬†I usually know what is going on with the friends we have made in the area; but, it isn’t as easy to keep up with friends from back in Iowa. ¬†Plus I long to hear the news about someone I have dealt with in my 30 years of dispatching that is finally getting their due…plus…how would I watch Kevin Cooney from KCCI continue to stammer over the news giving me my nightly reason for little noises of disgust. ¬†But the political commercials….OMG make it stop…..I’m not willing, yet, to find out if the local politicians here are as angry, nasty and hateful as I already know they are in Iowa!

Kate and Adam were down last weekend. ¬†He brought me my new MAC computer and set it up for me…ahem…us. ¬† I’m now 100% apple and after 2 days, I realize Kate was right about the ease of having apple products all in sync!!! ¬†We all got together Saturday night…Kate, Adam and Jenny to giggle on one couch and Phil, Justin and I to cuss about the beating the Royals were taking¬†by the Giants in the World Series.

2014-10-25 21.48.052014-10-25 21.42.40

We walked over to the Mexican Restaurant for dinner…Jax got a lot of attention from Aunty Katy and Adam.

2014-10-25 18.26.13 HDR

Justin and Jenny were going to the Chief’s Game on Sunday so we kept Jax overnight…first time he has been away from Daddy and Mama overnight.

2014-10-26 17.23.55-1

Until next time….