After two seasons of watching Royals baseball, I feel like I’ve come home to baseball.  I grew up loving baseball and the *whisper….National League Cincinnatti Reds.  I wish I could watch a game with my dad one more time…he taught me well and I soaked in the passion from him.

Baseball fans, like other sports fans, love their respective teams….the reason you adopt one team is personal…perhaps your alma mater or the region/city you live in.  baseball fans fall in love with the players.  It just happens after spending night after night with them…seeing them lose, seeing them win, seeing them play their game or watching the joy of a win. The interviews…oh the interviews…seeing their personalities come out!

I sat on the bed in a hotel room last night and watched the Kansas City Royals suck the life out of the Toronto Blue Jays.  I grinned like an idiot watching the after celebration on the field.

He has become a baseball fan after watching the Royals play.  He may be even more dedicated to them than me.  He watched the joy and the pain all season even when I had to leave the room.  I love his passion for the game.  I wish my dad could be here with us….I think he would be able to root an American League team ❤️

Until next time….

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