The Remote

We don’t have a landline.  It is kind of strange.  When my girls were young, I would never had gone without a landline…even when we moved into the cell phone age…I always wanted that assurance that they could find us where ever we were.  Before we left Iowa, I basically paid the ridiculous fee for having a home phone so the telemarketers could reach me. *curse

This is basically what my phone looked like.

But this isn’t a phone.  The is the Direct TV remote.  Because my remote looks like my old phone, I’m irritated beyond belief.  Don’t try to read ahead and assume I think this thing is a phone and try to answer it.  I’m not there yet.  NO… I waste countless minutes of the day looking for the TV remote that is right in front of me because I think it is the phone!  Observe…this is what all of my other remotes look like and quite frankly, this is what a remote is supposed to look like!

So there you have it!  Just a glimpse of how complicated my life is.

Until next time!

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